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Monday 5th February 2007



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This nugget was purchased from...

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The Perth Mint
310 Hay Street East Perth
Western Australia

The Perth Mint is a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of precious metal coins, medallions and collectables

Housed in one of Australia's most elegant late-19th century heritage buildings, it is the nation's oldest operating mint
and one of the oldest mints in the world still producing coins from its original premises

The Mint is a national award-winning tourist attraction, with more than 120,000 visitors a year


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Gold Nugget Section
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Despite its rarity, gold was almost certainly the first metal to be discovered
This was because gold occurred naturally as the metal itself
and because it was found as nuggets in rivers or lying on the soil's surface

Gold's tendency to form nuggets is related to its superb workability
Gold stimulated the decorative arts and trade

It inspired the search for other metals, the development of chemistry and the discovery of 'new' lands
Modern civilisation owes much to the 'King of Metals'
Had gold not occurred as nuggets, the course of history could have been quite different

Gold nuggets are now rarer than diamonds
Nuggets only form very near to the surface, so future finds are limited by nature
Most nuggets have already been discovered and even the largest have been melted down


Gold Nuggets in Sealed Presentation Cases

The Perth Mint leads the world in the marketing of gold nuggets as increasingly valuable geological specimens
It has developed a sealed and secure presentation case specifically for gold nuggets

Each nugget can be seen from both sides and is framed by an attractive Certificate of Authenticity

Cases are individually assembled using specially selected windows to show specific nuggets to best effect
The case is supported by two small removable feet and can be optimally displayed sitting up at a small angle to the vertical

The presentation case is made from precisely engineered polycarbonate components, which combine clarity and durability
After the nugget and its accompanying certificate are installed,
the capsule is then permanently sealed, using an ultrasonic welding process
The sealed capsule is robust and cannot be opened without it being so damaged that it cannot be reassembled
This feature makes it impossible to tamper with the nugget or its accompanying Certificate of Authenticity

Nuggets of less than 6 grams are available in sealed presentation cases with distinctively coloured certificates
The certificates include a map showing Australia's goldfields emphasising the nugget's Australian origin
The text describes how nuggets formed, how they were found and why they are now so rare
The Perth Mint logo identifies the issuing authority and the integrity of the information about the nugget

For nuggets of more than 6 grams (0.15 troy ounces)
the certificates also state the goldfield where the nugget was found and its estimated rarity
Nuggets of up to 62 grams (2 troy ounces) are available with these full certificates

Nuggets in sealed presentation cases make treasured gifts and prized collectables

...and here is Brett's nugget in it's Presentation Case

Front view

Back view


"The Story of Brett's Nugget"

Email to The Perth Mint on Tuesday 16th January 2007

Hi, and our son has recently purchase shares in an Australian (Victoria) Gold Company
We would like to buy him a Gold Nugget as a momento of this purchase
Plus he has a birthday coming up soon!!
We are interested in a nugget with the value somewhere between $250.00 and $350.00
Would you be able to advise on when one might become available?
Thank you, Geoff

Reply from Liselle Liley of The Perth Mint

Dear Geoff
Please find attached images of natural nuggets priced between $250.00 and $350.00
Kind regards, Liselle

A note to Liselle

Hi Liselle
Appreciate the photos - and here is my choice!!
Now, a few questions
------#01 - what is the 'weight' of the nugget I have selected?
------#02 - could you please let me know which of the Nugget Presentations it will be supplied in?
------#03 - what would be the final cost, including postage here to Cairns?
Thanks for your help, Geoff

A further reply from Liselle

Hello Geoff
Here it is!!
I just had to make sure I could supply this nugget in the Sealed Capsule, as shown in this photo
The nugget weighs 0.24ozt --- 0.24 ounce [troy] = 7.464834432 gram
The price will be $334.80 and postage is $17.50 to give a total of $352.30
details of an overcharge credit of $80.00 are below !!!
Please let me know if this is acceptable as I am about to send a batch of capsules to be sealed
Thank you, Liselle

Confirmation email to Liselle

I guess all the "blanks" on the Certificate will be filled in before it is sealed?
Thanks for your help with this
Regards, Geoff

Another note from Liselle

Hello Geoff
Yes, the blanks will be filled in!!
The nugget will be posted to you on Friday 19th January 2007
Please let us know when it arrives
Kind regards, Liselle

Here is the Invoice
...and also refer to the overcharge credit details further below

Email to The Perth Mint on Saturday 10th February 2007

Firstly, I would again like to thank Liselle for her help (lots of it!!!) when I recently purchased a small Gold Nugget
Now, I am not whinging!!
And I am not complaining!!
I just have a question on the price
I was again looking through your web site, and I refer to this page and this page
(Thursday 10th April 2008 - these links are no longer active)
On these pages are listed the following Nuggets:-
------1 gram - USD$37.00 = AUD$47.63
------2 gram - USD$52.00 = AUD$66.94
------3 gram - USD$70.00 = AUD$90.11
------4 gram - USD$90.00 = AUD$115.86
------5 gram - USD$120.00 = AUD$154.48
The Nugget I purchased is described as 0.24 ounce [troy] = 7.464834432 gram
I paid AUD$334.80, and the invoice details are attached
When looking at the above list of Nuggets that are listed, it seems the price I paid was "quite high" for a 7.5 gram one!!
For example:-
------(1) if you combine the 2 and 5 gram Nuggets, the total is AUD$221.42
------(2) if you combine the 3 and 4 gram Nuggets, the total is AUD$205.97
Even bearing in mind that my Nugget is a 1/2-gram more, the difference in price in each case is well over AUD$100.00 when compared to the amount I paid!!
That is a lot!!
It appears that I would have been much better off buying two smaller Nuggets instead of the single one of 7.5 grams!!
My Question - is the price I paid correct??

I hope I have expressed my query clearly, and look forward to hearing from you
Regards, Geoff

Reply from Liselle Liley of The Perth Mint

Hi Geoff
I see what you are saying
To answer your question the price you paid is correct according to our retail system
What has happened here is I made a new ‘nugget in capsule’ for you because the internet stock had sold out
This was then processed through our retail sales system at the current prices
Unfortunately, the prices on our website haven’t been updated since its launch - seven years ago!! - and it didn’t occur to me to compare the prices
As a result you have paid more per gram for the nugget on comparison
Below, next to the figures from your email, I have averaged out the five prices
------1 gram - USD$37.00 = AUD$47.63 (355)
------2 gram - USD$52.00 = AUD$66.94 (249)
------3 gram - USD$70.00 = AUD$90.11 (224)
------4 gram - USD$90.00 = AUD$115.86 (216)
------5 gram - USD$120.00 = AUD$154.48 (230)
The end result is $254.80 (1274 divided by 5)
You paid $334.80 for your nugget, so I have refunded the difference of $80.00 back onto your credit card

I hope this result is to your satisfaction
Kind regards, Liselle


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PRICE UPDATE --- April 2008 ... Perth Mint

Same weight as Brett's

Natural Gold Nugget
Approximately 92% gold content
Weight in ounces - 0.24
Weight in grams - 7.46
Price = $396.00
The following nuggets were also for sale
Weight Ounces 0.22 - Grams 6.84 - $363.00
Weight Ounces 0.23 - Grams 7.15 - $379.50
Weight Ounces 0.25 - Grams 7.77 - $412.50
Weight Ounces 0.26 - Grams 8.09 - $428.00
Weight Ounces 0.27 - Grams 8.40 - $445.50
Weight Ounces 0.29 - Grams 9.01 - $478.50


PRICE UPDATE --- August 2011


As you can see in the chart opposite, the price of gold
has skyrocketed since this nugget was bought back in 2007




??--what is the price of this sized nugget today--??


See Below

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This nugget is the same size as Brett's ... and more than double the price !!