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------Stella's Albumn

------Simone's Albumn


Anthony and his Family

NOTE - received a phone call on Monday 11th April 2005

Anthony - in the 1970's

Six months old - one photo ... includes a 'super-size' version

A young Tony ..........a terrific photo!!!

Just a little boy - 1973

Going to Rodney and Sue's wedding - in one photo he is with Geoff, and in the other he is with Sharon - and Geoff's car which was used for the wedding - two photos - 1973

..........with Sharon at the wedding - 1973

..........and with Dad and Mum at Rodney and Sue's wedding - 1973

With a toy truck - 1974

During the mid 1970's - three photos

Anthony and Tracey

Anthony with his wife Tracey - during a trip to Holland - around 1996

Anthony, Tracey, Simone and Nathan

Photo #01 (2005??? - Cruise Ship??? - Wharf??? - Where???)

Photo #02 (2005??? - Audience??? - Flag???)

Tracey, Simone and Nathan

Photo #01 (2005??? - Daydream Island???)