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Danbury Mint --- Gresham Marketing

"The Flower Fairies"

Thirty piece Porcelain Spice Jar Set

A note from Geoff on Sunday 13th November 2005
Sharon's spices were being kept in many-and-varied empty jars !!
As I was looking through Ebay, I saw this set ... and it looked great !!
So, I made a bid and won
and from the details below, it may have been a very good buy and a bargain !!


- The Ebay Auction

A set of Thirty Porcelain Spice Jars - "The Flower Fairy Spice Jars"
Each one is hand painted with a unique picture of a fairy
Each is labelled for the appropriate spice - eg, basil, thyme, etc
and has some text describing the spice itself
- eg, where it originated and suggestions for dishes to use the spice in
The jars are a collectable set made/distributed by Gresham Marketing of the United Kingdom
Each jar is approximately 120mm tall including the lid (4.750 inches)
and they are approximately 55mm in diameter (2.125 inches)
The jars come with the original wall-mounted display rack

... and below is a question sent to the seller during the auction
Is it correct that these jars are new?
No damages to them?
Thanks so much, Joy
... and the reply
Hi Joy
Yes, the jars are unused - but not new since they were originally manufactured in 1989
They are all undamaged
Hope this helps
Let me know if you have any other questions
Cheers, Rob

Item location - Sydney, NSW Australia
This auction ended on Saturday 12th November 2005
The starting price was set at $30.00 - and mine was the only bid!!!
So that was the price we paid - $30.00 plus postage and insurance


The Backstamps

The following jars have the backstamp as shown above
and the number in brackets is also shown as part of each backstamp

     Rosemary (12)    

The following jars have the backstamp as shown above
and the number in brackets is also shown as part of each backstamp

 All Spice (9)  Cumin (7)  Curry (7)  Mace (1)  Mustard (7)

The following jars have the backstamp as shown above
and the number in brackets is also shown as part of each backstamp

 Basil (4)  Bay Leaves (2)  Black Pepper (6)  Caraway Seed (18)  Cayenne (4)
 Celery Salt (1)  Chilli (6)  Chives (23)  Cinnamon (28)  Cloves (4)
 Coriander (2)  Garlic (4)  Ginger (4)  Marjoram (1)  Mint (4)
 Nutmeg (2)  Onion (5)  Oregano (2)  Parlsey (19)  Paprika (11)
 Sage (18)  Tarragon (4)    Thyme (17)  Tumeric (18)

Breakages !!

Unfortunately there were four jars broken during transit as shown in the photo below

The broken jars are:-

 Cayenne (4)  Coriander (2)  Onion (5)  ..and badly cracked is  Marjoram (1)


Replacements for the Broken Jars

We are going to keep an eye on the Ebay Auctions
and try to find replacements for these broken jars

Already found one!!!
......and here are the auction details

Danbury Mint "Flower Fairies" Spice Jar - Marjoram
Marjoram Spice Jar from the Danbury Mint Collection
In excellent condition
Beautiful design decorated with gold trim and complete with rubber stopper inside
The jar stands just over 11cms tall

Item location - Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire United Kingdom
This auction ended on Thursday 1st December 2005
The starting price was set at GBP2.49 (AUD$5.77) and there were four bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of GBP4.70 ($10.89) plus postage and insurance



for details on the Manufacturers and Distributors of this set
Includes the "Initial Release Price"

for details on the Artist - Cicely Mary Barker


Sets and Individual Jars
sold on Ebay Auctions

For a price comparison to what we paid,
CLICK HERE for the details of seven auctions


More Price Details

The photo and information below is from

and click on the logo to go to their web site
click here to go directly to the "Danbury Mint" pattern list
(these pages/details were available as at Tuesday 6th December 2005)

The "Flower Fairies" pattern is not listed

However, a similar set of Spice Jars is listed
They are called "Hummel Spice Jars" and below is a photo of one of the jars

They are listed as being made in 1987
Recomended Retail Price -
USD$24.99 - AUD$34.05 each
Replacements Ltd Price -
USD$19.99 - AUD$27.23 each


The Jars in our Kitchen !!

Sharon liked the stand that came with the jars,
but prefered to have them all displayed in the kitchen dresser as shown below