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Set of Nally Ware "Harlequin" Kitchen Spice Canisters

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 9th November 2005
"We have a fabulous Kitchen Dresser which has been fully restored
click here to have a look
Over the years it has slowly filled up with recycled jam and coffee jars
which have been used as canisters and spice jars!!!
It was time for some new ones, and we decided to buy the sets from
the 1950's and the 1960's - the "Retro Look"!!!
They are listed quite regularly on the Ebay Auction Site,
and below is one of the sets we bought
Sharon organised the Kitchen Dresser on Saturday 26th November 2005
and a few photos of the finished result are also below"

- Ebay Auction

Nally Ware "Retro Harlequin" Spice Canister Set
Vintage Retro Harlequin Spice Cannister Set By Nally Ware
On offer is this fabulous spice cannister set by Nally Ware
Bakelite construction in great retro colours
Each canister has its intended contents marked
Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger and Spice
All the lettering is complete and undamaged
Each canister has a white lid with gold handle,
and all lids and seals are complete and undamaged
There is absolutely no damage to this set - they are like new
Comes with original wall rack for easy mounting or display
These canisters appear to be unused - insides are very clean with no spice smells,
and the condition of the lids is superb
Not a chip, crack, scratch to be seen anywhere on the set
A great set of kitchen canisters in superb condition
Perfect for the retro enthusiast, canister collector or those looking to add
a nice 1950's touch to the home

Item location - Adelaide CBD Australia
This auction ended on Tuesday 8th November 2005
The starting price was set at $19.99 and there were eight bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of $51.00 plus postage and insurance

Other----Auctions for similar canisters

......for a price comparison!!!

Auction #01
Nally Ware spice canisters - four little Nally Ware spice canisters - cinn (for cinnamon), ginger, spice and cloves - each is 9cm tall - white with gold letters and handles on the lid - some of the gold has worn off the knobs and lettering - plus the "R" is missing from the word ginger - but hey, they're not too bad for their age! - November 2005
Final selling price - $0.99
Auction #02
Very similar to our set, but with some staining and missing letters - also ours have gold knobs
Vintage circa1950's Nally multicoloured spice canister set - Nally Australia is the maker of this vintage set of five multicoloured spice canisters - they are for nutmeg, spice, cloves, ginger and cinnamon - the canisters are in used condition with handling marks but we can find no damage to canisters or lids - because they have been used there is some staining inside the canisters
and this is caused by the spices - the raised lettering on the canisters are generally fine with the 'R' in the ginger missing as well as the 'S' in cloves and 'G' in nutmeg - these spice canisters are 9cm tall - November 2005
Final selling price - $15.00
Auction #03
Nally Ware canisters - five piece plastic spice set - nice set of Nally Ware spice canisters with wall mounting tray - all in good condition with minimal wear and tear - the letter "T" missing from nutmeg and the letter "R" missing from ginger - April 2007
There were no bids
Auction #04
Nally Ware yellow and grey canisters - spice set plus salt and coffee - lovely pieces - all in very good condition - the nutmeg cannister is stained around the inside bottom due to the spice colour - otherwise all others are in great condition - all of these are marked on the base "Genuine Nally Ware" - the salt is 16.5cm long, 9cm wide and 9.5cm tall - the coffee is 9.5cm square and 14.5cm tall - the spice containers are 6.5cm square and 9cm tall - April 2007
Final selling price - $51.00
Auction #05
This set appears to be the same as ours - but not in as good condition!!!
This is a complete set of five spice canisters and their holder! - they are genuine Nally Ware from the 1950's - made from hard plastic and each one is a different colour with a white holder - this has holes for screws if you want to mount it onto the wall - each canister measures 9cm tall including lid and base measures 5cm square and it tapers from the top - the holder measures 34cm long by 6.5cm wide - the knobs on the lids are gold painted - the knob on the spice one is not smooth like the others and I think the paint has come off it as it's a different colour gold - the paint on a couple of the others is a little pitted also - the names of the spices are all spelled out in vintage lettering on each canister and these are actual plastic letters - I would say they were at one stage painted gold like the knobs but this has been washed off over the years - the ginger one is missing the "I" and the "ER" and the cinnamon is missing the "C" - apart from these flaws they're in excellent conditon with no other damage - April 2007
Final selling price - $10.50
Auction #06
A fabulous set of vintage retro Nally Ware spice canisters - these canisters are complete and come with the original rack that can be attached to a wall if so desired - they are all in excellent condition - no chips, cracks or repairs - it is hard to find such a lovely set in such fine condition - April 2007
Final selling price - $42.60
Auction #07
These appear to be the same as ours - but not in as good condition!!!
I have for sale a set of four Nally brand spice jars - from the 1950's - the four jars are spice, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon - the "G" is missing from the nutmeg jar - also note there is nothing wrong with the cinnamon jar, because the word is too long to fit and it has been abbreviated to cinn - you can see there was silver paint over the words and silver on the lids, but this has worn off over the years - overall, as these jars are from the 50's, they are in very good condition for their age - each jar is nice and clean, however the cloves jar does smell of cloves - the jars are 9cm high - the bottom of each jar has written "Genuine Nally Product" - I believe there were five jars originally, but one (ginger) has been lost - I will also include the original rack the jars sit in, and this rack can be attached to the wall with screws - June 2007
Final selling price - $14.00
Auction #08
Nally Ware spice canisters with rack - retro 1950's - and have a look, all the letters are intact! - a top looking set! - in a hard to find cream with grey/light blue lids - they do have some even fading - all told though, the canisters are all in good condition - the wall mount shelf is also included, and it also has some even light fading - these will make a great addition to a collection or will look great in your kitchen - the four canisters are spice, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger - each canister is nice and clean, however the cloves and nutmeg canisters still have a nice smell of their ingredients!! - June 2007
Final selling price - $20.45

The "new look" Kitchen Dresser