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Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale - Spots" Demi Cup and Saucer

Pattern Number - 4225
Shape Number - 1582 - "Rita"

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Thursday 13th October 2005
"I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!
......because it matches this set -
click here

(the same Shape Number/Series but a different Pattern)
and they will look terrific as a 'pair' in her display cabinet
PLUS it looks like I managed to get a good deal!!! - info below"

- The Ebay Auction

Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale" Cup and Saucer - Handpainted
Carlton Ware - Made in England
This is an excellent cup and saucer!!
Rouge, with lot's of hand painted white dot's and extensive gilding
Near mint and is unused!!
Cup - 6cm high
Saucer - 13cm diameter
Bid with confidence on this rare collectable!!
Item location - Adelaide, South Australia Australia

This auction finished on Thursday 13th October 2005
The starting price was set at $44.00 and there were seven bids during the auction
Ours was the winner!!! - at $71.00 plus postage and insurance





The following information is from the links included in this logo


To help date Carlton Ware you need to look at
(1) the Carlton Ware (or W&R) backstamp or logo,
(2) the pattern number (usually handpainted) on the base, and
(3) the impressed number on the base

Sometimes the pattern numbers and impressed numbers are not present or are very difficult to read

In the picture above, the pattern number is '2929' and the shape or impressed number is '217'
The marking of '0/2552' is an order number


The following table provides a rough indication of the date a piece of Carlton Ware was made
by looking at the backstamp

NOTE - the above backstamps were taken from the table mentioned above,
and look very similar to the stamp on the item bought on Ebay

The dates given in the table were 1952 to 1962

Shape - "Rita" (#1582)

The shape or impressed numbers are not always useful for ageing an item

For example, the impressed number of '1582' was first introduced in the late 1930's
It was used for coffee sets for several years

The picture above shows three coffee pots all with the same impressed number '1582'
but with different patterns and different pattern numbers

The impressed number of '1582' was used for coffee sets and as such sets were sold in sets,
all items in the set had the same impressed number

The picture above shows a selection of items from coffee sets, including coffee pots, milk jugs,
sugar bowls, and cups and saucers
All have the same impressed number of '1582'

The following table indicates approximately when a shape was first introduced
These dates will only indicate how old the item might be, but cannot be a guarantee of its age

NOTE - this information was taken from the table mentioned above
Shape or impressed number - 1500 to 1600
Approximate date when first introduced - 1937/1938

Pattern Number - "4225"

This pattern was described as:-
"Rouge Royale with spots"

NOTE - the following photos are of this pattern and look identical to our cup and saucer



The photo and information below are from page 50 of
"The Carlton Ware Collectors Handbook"
and click on the book cover for more details

NOTE - this pricing is in GBP and USD
At today's exchange rate, the value would be
$140.00 to $150.00 Australian dollars



The information below is from

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(these pages/details were available as at Thursday 13th October 2005)

Carlton Ware "Rouge Royale"
Shape #1582
Pattern Description - Dark Red, Gold Trim
Items similar to ours were not listed


NOTE THREE - Carlton Ware Information

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It also includes this Message Board

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"lots of chats with like-minded people!!!"
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