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Cairns Taipans Basketball Team

Annual Ball and Presentation of Awards Night

Held on Saturday 15th March 2003 - on the court at the Cairns Convention Centre

As one of the Taipans' Statisticians, Tanya has attended a few of these Gala Nights
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2008
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2007
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2006
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2002



"The Snake Pit" - The Taipans home court in the Cairns Convention Centre

------and where the Ball was held - these photos were taken by Tanya during the season - one photo shows a 'birds-eye' view of the court from the top of the stands, and the other is the view Tanya has during a game - she is a Statistician, and sits on the Taipans Officials Bench ..........great photos, and shows how Tanya is 'close to the action' during a game!!!

Tanya with......

---------------Natalie Bond

---------------Steve O'Malley


---------------Kane Oakley - two photos


---------------Brad Davidson

---------------Stewart, Nat and Linda Cooper (Coopy)

---------------Dennis Donaghty


---------------Simon Cameron - two photos

Taipans' supporters having fun at the Ball ----( )

------Brian Vincent and Dennis Donaghty - two photos ......a kiss!!!

------Nat and Mark - two photos ......but this is a much better kiss!!!

------Nat and Dennis

------Mark, Jayson Wells and Cameron

------Vinnie and Matt Bolton

------Stanno and Steve O'Malley

------Matt Bolton and Steve O'Malley

------Cameron, Mark and Kane Oakley

Articles and photos published in The Cairns Post

------Dual "MVP" Winners!!! - Ben Knight and Anthony Stewart - with their Awards

------A list of all the Award winners - and a photo of Matt Bolton with his parents - Matt was awarded the "Club Person of the Year"

------'The Players at Play'!!! - dancing and singing!!! - performing "Grease" and "The Nutcracker" - article and three photos

SPECIAL!!! -------A 'Silent Auction'

------"A bidding War!!!" - with a fabulous prize!!! - "Sydney 2000 The Official Souvenir Book Limited Edition" - all the details!!!