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Tanya - 2003




Dressed in a white 'boob-tube', scarf, and blue jeans - and she looked great!!! - six photos - Saturday 18th January 2003 ..........the photos appear to be a little bit overexposed, but it is just the way they turned out - kept them after using my picture program to fix them up a bit!!! ..........they still are very nice shots!!!

A "Thank You" note from Basketball Australia - Tanya was a Statistician with the 2002/3 Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - February 2003

The 2002 Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - Presentation Night - Saturday 15th March 2003
----------A heap of photos!!! - click here to go to the albumn

"Relay for Life" - a fundraising event for the Queensland Cancer Fund - Tanya was a member of the Better Bodiez "Cancer Commandos" team - and Sharon was part of the Australia Post team for this eighteen hour event - Saturday 31st May 2003
This page includes (1) details of the Post Office Team and why they entered (2) two photos of Sharon ready to head off to the event - in her "Relay for Life" shirt (3) a summary of the night's activities (4) plus links to photos of Sharon and Tanya taken during the night

"Trim and Terrific"!!! - three photos - Saturday 12th July 2003

"The Rose" - looking great!!! - two photos - Saturday 12th July 2003

Smithfield State High School - 20th Anniverary Celebrations
Both Tanya and Brett attended Smithfield High - the Anniversary was celebrated on Wednesday 23rd July 2003, and this page includes a list of some of the School's "Sporting Stardom" students, which include Brett - this article is from a feature on the School published in the Cairns Post - also included are some emails between Tanya and one of her friends, reminiscing about their school days and some of the displays that were on show

A 'studio portrait' - which was taken on Saturday 4th October 2003 ..........and it's a fabulous shot!!!

The 2003 Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - Tanya was the Statistician for this Team - the final game in which she could officiate was played on Saturday 18th October 2003 - these photos were taken before and after the game
----------in her Official Shirt and with her Pass ..........a great photo!!!
----------three more photos - as above ..........and three more good ones!!!
----------another two photos - as above ..........and yes, they are great too!!!
----------with Kane Oakley ..........a nice photo
----------with ???


What is Tanya doing on Tuesday 21st October 2003

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