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Cairns Taipans Basketball Team

Annual Ball and Presentation of Awards Night

Held on Saturday 13th April 2002 - on the court at the Cairns Convention Centre

As one of the Taipans' Statisticians, Tanya has attended a few of these Gala Nights
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2008
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2007
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2006
CLICK HERE --- for the Ball in 2003


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Because of it's convenience to the Convention Centre, Tanya and Steve booked a room at the Reef Casino
and the following photos show the "very flash" room!!!
- including a luxurious bathroom and spa, a huge bed and a terrific view from the balcony

The Casino Hotel the view from the balcony bed and TV bath and spa

Tanya used the afternoon to "get ready"!!! - and called on a couple of people to help!!!
Louise, a makeup artist, came to do the important "face preparation", and Sharon went in to help with nail polishing
Earlier in the day Tanya had been to the hairdresser and had her hair put in dreadlocks

Tanya, Louise and her "box of magical tricks"!!! and the work gets underway

Sharon watching - and getting a few hints from an expert the eyes are highlighted

and the lips are done Sharon looks after the finger and toe nails

Louise has finished, and Tanya makes a few final touches before getting dressed

All the preparations are finished and it's time to get dressed - Tanya looked great, so it was all worthwhile!!!

-two really nice photos

five photos of Tanya, and these have had an "oil painting" effect applied

Steve arrived at the Hotel - he was showered, dressed and ready in five minutes, but Tanya took hours and hours!!!
"Girls are strange creatures, eh!!!" - here they are together

a great photo

Lisa, a friend of Tanya's, also turned up for a makeup session - here are some "before and after" shots!!!

And here are a couple of other photos taken at the Hotel during the afternoon

Sharon relaxing on the balcony Matt Bolton in his room (and there is more about Matt later!!!)

Well, everyone was ready, and a few people met in the bar of the Casino before heading off to the Ball

Julie, Tanya and Nat Tanya and Julie

The Ball is underway, and here is Tanya dancing and having a great time!!!

Tanya and Steve enjoying themselves

a nice picture

"The Boys in their Finery!!!"

two photos of Graham Maher, Luke Pownall and Steve

Tanya with some of her friends

Steve, Tanya, Christine, Tyson, Sonya and Scotty with Kelly, who is Tanya's flat-mate

Angie, Lisa, Nat and Tanya Angie, Lisa and Tanya

with Rachel, one of her work-mates Christine, Tanya and Sonya

Tanya, Christine and Sonya with Angie with Lisa

Angie, Tanya and Matt Steve, Tanya and Angie

with Lisa and with Lisa again Tanya, Kane Oakley (Taipan player) and Nat

with Stewie Cooper Tanya, Anthony Stewart (Taipan's Captain) and Lisa

Other guests and Friends

Lisa Julie and DA DA won the raffle, and a trip to Melbourne!!!

Scotty and Sonya Lisa and Dean Mark (Marlins Coach) and Nat

Tyson and Christine Luke and Tenielle

The Taipans Mascot "Joe Blake" - aka Matt Bolton - performed a rendition of Kylie Minogue's song and video
"Can't get you out of my head" - dressed the part, an is showing quite a bit of "leg, breast and nipple"!!!
- but wore his Mascot Snake Head for anonymity!!!

(if anyone has any other - clearer - photos of this, would you please pass them on to Tanya - thanks)


- NOTE - No, Tanya's gown doesn't change colors from blue to teal!!!
The photos at the Hotel were taken with my digital camera,
and for some reason it changes the color of this particular outfit
The right color is as shown in the photos taken at the ball - teal!!!