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Tanya and Friends




Steve Landsberg

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Yvette and Tanya - riding in the buggy while playing golf at the Mareeba Golf course

Tanya and Amanda McFadden - with plenty of Bunbaberg Rum to celebrate a birthday!!!

Melissa, Brenda, Rodney, Tanya, Ben and Amanda at the Cairns International Airport - Brenda is on her way to England


With three friends - during a school trip to the snow - Perisher/Smiggens Resort - September 1990

Tanya and a group celebrating a friend's birthday - at "Charlies on the Esplanade" restaurant - November 1990


With Keith - at the "Cairns Post Sportstar of the Year Awards" - February 1996


A night out on the town!!! - at the "HOT" party at Tropos nightclub in Cairns - with Sonya Dainer, Christine Franklin, and Andria Rowed - this picture was published in the "TimeOut" section of the Cairns Post - Friday 3rd March 2000

With Rachel - July 2000

The Cairns Amateurs - September 2000
------#01 - Her friends, and their hats!!! - six photos - taken during Ladies Day on Friday 1st September 2000
------#02 - Brett arrived back from the USA on the Saturday morning, and headed off to the Amateurs in the afternoon!!!
------------here are Tanya and Brett dressed ready to go, and another photo taken during the party that evening
------------two photos - Saturday 2nd September 2000
------#03 - Tanya and some of the party goers - Saturday 2nd September 2000


With Jean Coughlan - Saturday 19th May 2001
------#01 - photo
------#02 - photo

Baby - origins unknown!!!

Tanya's flat-mate, Kelly - August 2001
------#01 - Kelly
------#02 - and another photo of Kelly
------#03 - Tanya and Kelly ..........a nice photo
------#04 - and the two flat-mates again
------#05 - Kelly's cat, Rome
------#06 - and the cat again

The Cairns Amateurs - Saturday 10th September 2001..........some great shots, and some fantastic hats!!!
------#01 - the group, including Belinda, Matt, Nic, Graham, Luke, Angie, Simon and Lisa
------#02 - the group again
------#03 - with Kelly and Alison
------#04 - with Luke and Kane
------#05 - with Kelly and Belinda
------#06 - Tanya, Kelly and Belinda again
------#07 - some of the group


Linda Cooper's Birthday - June 2002
------#01 - with 'Coopy'
------#02 - with Nat

Tanya's friend, Sonya Dainer, is a Personal Trainer in Cairns - she was awarded the "Australian Fitness Network's Fitness Leader of the Year Award" - this article and photo was published in the Cairns Post on Thursday 4th July 2002

Sonya, mentioned above, owned the Betterbodiez business in Cairns and had a promotional display at the Cairns Show - Tanya dropped by, and was then up on stage competing in the "Betterbodiez Strength Challenge"!!! - the aim was to hold a 3kg ball out in front of you for as long as possible - Tanya lasted 2minutes 32 seconds, and at that point, was "the best chick who had competed"!!! - and she won a Protein Bar and a Betterbodiez Hat!!! - three photos - Friday 19th July 2002

Tanya with Kelly Henew - taken at The Palm Cove Fiesta during "Festival Cairns" - Sunday 8th September 2002 - this photo was published in the Cairns Post ..........a very nice photo
----------and the original copy of the above photo - purchased from the Cairns Post ..........terrific!!!


Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - final game of the 2003 Season - Sunday 2nd March 2003
------#01 - Tanya with a few of the other Team/Venue Officials - Anthony, Topaz and Jamie - two photos
------#02 - Ben Hitchins (Strength and Conditioning Trainer), Ben Arkell, and Aaron Grabau

Christine's 30th Birthday - Saturday 8th March 2003
------#01 - with Sonya Danier - two photos
------#02 - Sonya, Christine, Tanya and Andii
------#03 - Tyson, Tanya and Scotty - a Mexican song??? ..........a nice picture
------#04 - Andii and David
------#05 - and here is Christine trying to bust her "Pinata" - and the page includes an answer to "What is a Pinata?"!!!
------#06 - the present Tanya crafted for Christine - cross-stitch - "Olive Jar Label"

Sue Lockwood - Tanya's flat-mate - to help save expenses/money for her planned 'Working Holiday' later in 2003, Tanya moved in to share Sue's unit - March 2003

Tanya with 'DA' at The Metropolis in Cairns - Friday 20th June 2003 ..........a good shot

Scott and Sonya's Wedding - Saturday 12th July 2003
------#01 - Scott and Sonya during the Ceremony - in the gazebo - two photos
------#02 - the Bride and Groom cutting the cake
------#03 - Tanya with Scott and Sonya - two photos
------#04 - Tanya and Sonya
------#05 - Tanya with Sonya and Christine - two photos
------#06 - Tanya and Sue
------#07 - The gift Tanya crafted for Scott and Sonya - cross-stitch - "Japanese 'Good Fortune' Scroll"

The Australian Cricket Team - Trophies - Thursday 31st July 2003
------Tanya and her friends from MacDonnells Solicitors, Lisa Styles, Lida Evans and Michelle Stevens
------------------with a selection of these trophies which were on public display in Cairns


A trip to Melbourne during March 2006 - to catch up with her friends, including some that she met during her "Two Year Working Holiday" - seven photos


Tanya and Mat - having a break in Port Douglas, north of Cairns - page includes the details of where they stayed - and photos taken at Rex Lookout, The Cane Toad Races, a "special" beer, a visit to Mossman Gorge - plus a great UNDERWATER photo of the two of them snorkelling on the reef!!! - also, the albumn includes the "sights and sounds" of the cane toad!!! - thirteen photos - April 2007 ..........some great photos!!!


Tamara and Jarrod's Wedding
Tanya was a Bridesmaid for her friend Tamara - Tanya travelled to Sydney for the Wedding ... and had a great time - there are over twenty photos on this page, including some terrific shots of Tanya - Sunday 5th October 2008 ..........terrific shots of Tanya!!!

Tanya with her friend Bethany ... and Tanya's "Hot'n'Red" machine!! - five photos - September 2008 ..........really good photos!!

Tanya went with her friend Andria to see the "Deep Blue Orchestra" at the Cairns Civic Theatre - they were snapped by a photographer from The Cairns Eye Magazine - and their photos appeared in the October edition!! - page has details on the magazine and the photo - also included are all the details on the Orchestra ... and a terrific video clip!! - October 2008

Tanya went with her friend Sonya to see the charity screening of the movie "Australia" - they were snapped by a photographer from The Cairns Eye Magazine - and their photos appeared in the December edition!! - page has details on the magazine and the photo - also included are details on the movie ... and a terrific video clip!! - December 2008


Just hanging around and having fun!! - Tanya with her friends Bethany, Oona and Kelly - and the page includes a 'super-sized' version - Friday 2nd January 2009 ...... a great photo!!

Geoff, Karen, and their new baby Zoe - two photos - Friday 3rd April 2009

Tanya with her friends Jaime, Shondelle, Bethany and Kelly - three variations of the same photo - Sunday 12th April 2009 ...... a very nice shot of Tanya!!

Tanya and a few of her friends went to the Port Douglas "Carnivale" - this page includes details and a link to the Official Web Site - plus photos of the group out to dinner - five photos - Saturday 30th May 2009


Photos of
"Tanya with her Friends"
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Tanya's employer, (name removed as requested), had their Staff Christmas Party on Friday 8th December 2006 - page includes a photo of Tanya with her boss (name removed as requested), and another with her friend Andria ..........two terrific photos!!!
---------------------PAGE UPDATED - September 2009 - name and link and page removed as requested