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Saturday 6th November 1993 ...... Tanya's First Bungy Jump !!

PHOTOS - simply click on the thumbnail images below to see 'super-size' shots of Tanya during her jump
these pages are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1200 pixels wide
so make sure your screen/monitor is set to its maximum size

VIDEO - yep, there is a video below
Tanya's jump ...... from start to finish !!

We went with her and watched as she jumped off a 44 metre (145 foot) high tower
... attached to a "large rubber band" !!

The Tower



Ready to Go



The Dive



Tanya is Flying



 Bouncing Around



'I wanna do it again'



Loving every second




Souvenir Photos


two photos


The Bungy Cord is simple in form but complex in design

We manufacture the cords ourselves at each of our sites
It is made from hundreds of strands of latex rubber
The latex rubber is the same stuff that holds your underpants up!

The cord stretches up to four times it’s own length so if you want to free fall 40 metres then the Bungy cord will be close to 10 meters in length unstretched

There are four different diameter cords depending on how heavy you are
Every person that Bungy Jumps is weighed and then we put them on a particular cord
This enables people of different weights to jump from the tower and allow them to either just miss or touch the water below
The Jump Master's also lift or lower the Bungy cord to set it exactly to the weight of the jumper
This allows them to judge the distance between the ground and the person down to 50cm - which is pretty impressive - when you think about leaping off a 70 meter structure!

We retire all cords after 500 jumps - but they can do over 2000

We have just developed a new form of Bungy Cord for jumping long distances - up to a 1 km stretch!
This technique is kept secret and is the equivalent to Colonel Sanders 11 Secret Herbs and Spices!!


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The video below runs for 1 minute 50 seconds and shows Tanya's jump from start to finish
Simply click on the
PLAY button and make sure your speakers are on
- it is a large file (8.50Mb) and may a couple of minutes to download completely ...... just be patient !! ...... it's worth it !!
if the video does not play smoothly the first time due to 'downloading-and-buffering' ... simply press play again and it will be perfect !!

The Audio

The audio is a bit unclear, so Sharon listened quite a few times to work out what is being said
... and here is what she reckons it is

Initially the Jump Master says ...

Look there, Tanya

------------------------------------------------------------------------and he is pointing to the camera

He then goes on to say ...

This is a pre Happy Birthday Bungy Jump
Tanya is turning 18 on Tuesday
All the best from the Bungy Crew - Check it out

Then he tells Tanya ...

Look straight out - 5 4 3 2 1

Tanya then jumps and as she bounces up and down you can hear ...

Yo Tanya !! ...and... Tanya - Ya Hah !!

Finally, as she is lowered into the boat you can hear ...

Alright Tanya !!


Tanya's Certificate