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Tanya - 1993



Special --- Videos
Simply click HERE and HERE - January 1993

Masses of long, blonde hair!!! - January 1993

"Thank You" card - Tanya was the Team Scorer for the North Queensland Under 16 Team which contested the State Tiles on the Gold Coast during October 1993 - card signed by all the players, and Coach Kerry Ahlberg and Manager John Mathews
----------A few of the comments refer to "counting"
----------It was part of Tanya's responsibilities to keep watch on the number of pitches thrown by the North Queensland players
----------There are restrictions on junior players, and they can only throw a certain number if the Coach wants them to pitch again during the Titles
----------In one particular case, Tanya miscounted by just one pitch!!! - and that meant that the player could not throw again!!! - and that player was her brother!!!
----------Tanya got quite upset, but after Kerry spoke to the Tournament Officials, Brett was allowed to throw again!!!
----------The page includes a note from Tanya

A biker's woman!!! - but she is not wearing leather or studs!!! - November 1993

Tanya's First Bungy Jump!!! - 6th November 1993
The page includes all the details PLUS seven terrific photos PLUS a video of her jump ... from start to finish!!