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Tanya - 1985




A new bike!!! - and a new outfit!!! - January 1985

All her beautiful blonde hair!!! - January 1985 ..........a terrific picture

Earning more and more "Brownie" badges!!! - February 1985

Ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade at Trinity Beach Primary School - April 1985

In a canoe on Lake Tinnaroo, which is on the Atherton Tablelands (west of Cairns) - May 1985 ..........a good shot

Relaxing in our back yard - July 1985

In a pensive mood!!! ..........a very nice photo

Is that a tattoo on her cheek??? - September 1985

Wearing the "First Place Ribbon" she won during the School Sports Day!!! - September 1985 ..........a great picture

A super model - taken on News Years Eve 1985


Tanya won $38.00!!! - and bought a "Cabbage Patch Doll"

How??? - click here to go to the "VFL Grand Final" albumn and see the photos of Tanya - from June 1985