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Sharon - 2002




A new hair color!!! - had "gold foils/streaks" done - five pictures showing the "before and after" looks - Saturday 2nd March 2002


Her hair again!!! - made another change on Sunday 17th March 2002!!! - this time she used "Napro Live Color Blueberry" - and the result???

Her hair looks terrific!!!

Sharon looks fantastic!!!, and

"The Stars and Stripes" are just perfect!!!

(simply click on the picture to view the photo)


Sharon and Tanya now go to "Aqua-Aerobics" once a week, and Sharon needed a pair of togs to do "all the hard work in the pool"!!! - Tanya bought these for her - three photos - Sunday 17th March 2002

A different look at Sharon - Sunday 17th March 2002 ..........and she looks great!!!

On the balcony of a room in the Casino Hotel - overlooking Lake Street, Cairns - Saturday 13th April 2002 ..........a nice shot

Sharon took an "On-line IQ test" - and the result is??? - Sunday 28th April 2002 ..........includes a few comments from Tanya and Brett

"Nearly 48 - and looking Great!!!" - happy and smiling - Saturday 6th July 2002

..........on the same day - black top, yellow miniskirt - and the legs aren't too bad!!!

..........and here she is, inside watching television - yellow and black again - two photos

A little bit closer to 48!!! - "Prune Face"??? - "Grey Haired"??? - "Past It"??? - "Ready to Trade In"??? - hell no, she still looks like a teenager!!! - there's a few miles left in her!!! - six little photos - Saturday 20th July 2002

Sharon on holidays!!! - started four weeks leave on Monday 5th August 2002 - and is going to spend time doing picture framing and organising - this photo was taken on the Wednesday, and in just three days she has taken over the lounge room!!! - mess!!!

Friday 9th August 2002 - time for a haircut!!!

--------------------BEFORE - four photos

--------------------AFTER - two photos (98Kb) ..........she looks lovely!!!

A page of eight small photos - taken after the haircut - Saturday 10th August 2002 (109Kb)

A nice outfit - purple slacks and a cream top - two photos - Saturday 10th August 2002

What's this? - click here to find out - three photos - Sunday 11th August 2002

Skirts, shorts and legs!!! - six "different" views of Sharon - Monday 12th August 2002 ..........not bad!!!

A new Hobby!!! - Fashion Designer - click here for all the details - Friday 16th August 2002 (this page "tells a story" using five photos - it may take an extra few seconds to download)

----------and after you have looked at the above and seen what Sharon made, click here for an update!!! - Saturday 24th August 2002

Her Birthday - Thursday 22nd August 2002

----------card to my "48 year old Bride"!!!

----------a present - lingerie pretty enough to wear on the outside!!! - two photos

----------the Birthday Girl again - and she was caught unaware!!! - two photos

----------Tanya is giving her a Birthday Party - "food, drink and cake to celebrate" - with a Hand Facial as well???!!!

----------during the Party - five photos, including Sharon (and this page may take a few extra seconds to download completely)

----------the box, the wrapping paper, the present!!! - and an email from Sharon to Tanya and Brett

----------unwrapping the present from Tanya and Brett

----------and with some of the "special" wrapping paper!!! ..........a nice photo

----------card from Fiona, Denys and family

----------card from Anne Kippin

----------card from Sonya Danier

----------email from Erina Newnham and family

--------------------and a final look at the Birthday Girl ..........and it's a terrific picture!!!

We received a "surprise parcel" from the Renner Family!!! - here is Sharon wearing a Senators shirt - and playing with a Cow!!! - Thursday 29th August 2002

More sewing!!! - making new curtains for Brett's room - Thursday 29th August 2002

The Harrisburg Senators Photo Contest - and Sharon submitted an entry!!! - all the competition details along with a copy of the photo - Saturday 2nd November 2002

----------and the picture was used on the Senators Home Page!!!

Sharon with a huge, flowering Poinciana Tree - four photos - Thursday 5th December 2002

A new outfit she bought for "just lounging around" - Christmas 2002 ..........and she looks great!!!

----------and there are lots more photos of Sharon taken on Christmas Day - click here to go to the albumn