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Tanya did a bit of shopping during her trip to Egypt
and here is an excerpt from her Diary of the trip......

"After that it was to the papyrus shop
They make their papyrus the way the ancient Egyptians did and each piece has a guarantee
There were so many to choose from - I did purchase papyrus there and it was really cheap
I got for myself a picture of King Tut and his wife exchanging Lotus flowers
which is a symbol of love"

For Mum and Dad I got them a......

"Tree of Life"

(five photos - and the page may take an extra second or two to download completely)

......and after looking at the photos and information on this page,
click here to see the papyrus after it was framed

......and then click here to see where it is hanging in our home

Below is the papyrus and it shows Geoff's name on the left and Sharon's on the right
Also included is a copy of the hieroglyphic alphabet
and the details on the "Tree of Life"