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Geoff - 1987




Fishing off the jetty at Palm Cove, which is just north of Trinity Beach - Monday 7th December 1987 ..........this was a photo and article which was published in the Cairns Post - it is difficult to even see me, but it is one of the few times I have had my picture in the paper so it's got to be kept!!!

In our backyard - wearing black togs - two photos - December 1987

Having a shower under the hose - December 1987


Playing "Putt-Putt Golf" - in Adelaide, South Australia - for Christmas 1987

With Mum - Christmas Day 1987

Wearing an "elephant's trunk"!!! - Christmas Day 1987 ..........why??? - click here to go to the Christmas 1987 albumn

A present!!! - and also played "Santa Claus"!!! - Christmas Day 1987 ..........check out the albumn as above