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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Great-Grand-Mother (Bierwirth)

PART ONE - The Passenger List

Below is an excerpt from the passenger list detailing the Bierwierth Family

PART TWO - The Ship

German Barque ... 'Johan Cesar' ... 414 tons


Note on Monday 19th July 2010
I have been advised that the photos on this page are not of the 'Johan Cesar'
They are actually of a ship named the 'Pendle Hill'
Following another search of the internet I found this note ... HERE

I have written to the Hamburg Museum
and the correct photos will be uploaded as soon as I receive them

Reply from The Hamburg Museum ... Sunday 3rd October 2010
Dear Geoff ... and I’m sorry you had to wait for an answer for so long!
Unfortunately, we could not find a picture of the 'Johan Cesar' in our archive or data based catalogue yet
There are several Godeffroy ships with similar names but not exactly this one at the period concerned
We do continue finding out about other photographs and pictures of various ships
but I’m not to sure if this will be successful
I don’t know where the information given on the website does come from
but unfortunately, we are not able to contact any member of the Godeffroy family nor their archive, if there is one
Sorry for that!
With kind regards
Birgit Delius
Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg
Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Einzelblattsammlung/ Bildarchiv
Holstenwall 24
20355 Hamburg
Tel. 0049-40-428132 2367
Fax. 0049-40-428132 3103

Note on Friday 8th October 2010
Going to leave the two photos as they are
You never know ... maybe the 'Johan Cesar' looked very similar to the 'Pendle Hill' !!