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SPECIAL - click here to watch a video !!



Promoted to "AA" !!

The Portland Sea Dogs !!

"Received the call" after the game on Sunday 15th July 2001



Brett's final game with the Brevard County Manatees - and it was a good one!!! - Sunday 15th July 2001


"The Call"


"Congratulations" card sent to Brett - Sunday 15th July 2001


"A giant step" - article from the Cairns Post on the promotion - Wednesday 18th July 2001

Promotion - photo published with the above article


Interview with Brett on the move from Florida to Portland - appeared in the Cairns post on Thursday 19th July 2001


"Notice of Disposition" - the official paperwok!!!


In the Sea Dog uniform - #33, and will be playing leftfield


The newest Sea Dog

Number One Three

Number Two terrific photos

Number Three of Brett!!!


Photos taken during the first few games

#01 - waiting on deck

#02 - next to hit - on deck, and checking the legs during the swing - Hadlock Field



#03 - in the batter's box and ready to hit!!! - grey uniform

#04 - and in the white Sea Dog's uniform


#05 - swing!!! - a good shot of Brett having a cut at the ball!!!

#06 - swing!!! - and is this hit a pop-up??? - taken at Hadlock Field

#07 - swing!!! - another shot of Brett playing at Hadlock Field


"Hadlock Field"
Home of The Portland Sea Dogs
Portland, Maine USA