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Brett - 1985




In the backyard of our Trinity Beach Road home - with the banana tree - January 1985

Ready for a turn on a trampoline - January 1985

With his Carambola fruit tree - January 1985 ---(and refer to Brett - 1984 albumn for details on this tree)

A new, lightweight BMX racing bike!!! - and helmet and black BMX clothes - January 1985

Another shot of Brett in the backyard - January 1985 ..........a nice photo

Brett holding a huge paw-paw!!! - which was grown in our yard!!! - two photos - January 1985

Enjoying an icecream!!! - January 1985 ..........and is a fabulous picture!!!

Another couple of shots of Brett and his BMX bike - two photos - February 1985 ..........good shots

The "Tooth Fairy" will be coming!!! - lost his first tooth!!! - February 1985

"Easter Bonnet Parade" at Trinity Beach Primary School - April 1985 ---(and the parents should be locked up and the key thrown away!!! - another "monstrosity" like Easter last year!!! - click here to see last year's horrible hat!!!)

Brett holding the first egg laid by our chickens!!! - May 1985 ..........nice photo


Trinity Beach State Primary School - Sports Uniforms

------Annual Inter-House School Sports Carnival

----------Brett was in "Upolo House" (Gold) - and here he is ready for the day - August 1985

----------and here he is after a hard day - and he's wearing two ribbons!!!

----------2 x "Certificate of Merit" - Second in the 60metre Sprint - Third in the Long Jump - 9th August 1985

------General Sports Uniform

----------Brett dressed in the white monogramed T-shirt with blue shorts - September 1985 ..........cute photo!!!