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Brett - 1984




Attended Trinity Beach State Primary School

------his first day!!! - new uniform and backpack - January 1984


5th Birthday - 5th February 1984

------Tanya watching, and Sharon helping, as Brett cuts his 5th Birthday cake


With his tree, which had just been planted in the backyard of our Trinity Beach Road unit - was a "Carambola 5-corner fruit tree" - January 1984 ----(it had heaps of fruit, but it grew so large in future years that it had to be cut down)

A 'candid' shot - playing with his cars on the floor - March 1984

Having a swing with a softball bat - April 1984

Cooling off in the pool - April 1984

"Easter Bonnet Parade" at the Trinity Beach Primary School - two photos - April 1984 ---(and his parents should be shot for making him wear this "monstrosity"!!! - and the same thing happened next year!!! - click here to see 1985's version)

Blonde haired Brett - aged 5years 7months - August 1984 ..........a really fantastic photo!!!

Just sitting in the yard - September 1984



------a visit with Santa Claus - at Westcourt Plaza Shopping Centre ..........cute pic!!!