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Brett - 1983




4th Birthday - 5th February 1983

------showing off his "Racing Car Track" cake - which was made by Sharon ..........great shot

------with his presents - new hat, new cup, and a bunch of toy cars - two photos ..........nice photos


Pre-School - attended at Trinity Beach Pre-School

------his first day!!! - new clothes and a new "Kevin Koala" backpack - two photos - 7th February 1983

------showing off his school room - and he looks very excited!!! - March 1983

------wearing a mask he made at school - two photos - April 1983

------having a horse ride, and is lead by Mrs Sedl, his pre-school teacher - during a school fete - May 1983

------"Fancy Dress" day at the school, and Brett went as a pirate - June 1983

------------And could this be an 'omen'??? - as he became a Pirate again twenty years later!!! - click here for the details


A smile for the camera - March 1983 ..........a fantastic picture!!!

In the pool - at the Tuna Lodge Motel in Cairns - March 1983

A Highway Patrolman - and he's got all the gear - radio, gun and helmet!!! - September 1983

Haircut!!! - the "before and after" looks - two photos - October 1983 ..........very nice pictures