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The Baseball World Cup


Held in Taiwan during November 2001





Following the completion of the USA Minor League season,
and after attending Instructional League in Florida during October 2001,
Brett returned to Cairns.

Within a fews days he had travelled to the Gold Coast to join up with the Australian team,
which departed for Taiwan on 29th October 2001.


In Cairns, preparing to leave for Taiwan

Article from the Cairns Post - Friday 19th October 2001 - in addition to giving details on the World Cup, this article also gives some brief information on Brett's USA 2001 season with the Manatees and Sea Dogs

The Australian Team

The final Australian roster

Information and Promotions

#01 - The World Cup logo
#02 - The Trophy - along with details on it's design and manufacture ..........Australia did not win it!!!
The Mascot.......... #01 - "Tom, the Black Bear" .......... #02 - And the Mascot again
Commemorative releases for the World Cup
#01 - stamps ..........Brett bought a set of these
#02 - coins
#03 - bank notes
#04 - subway tickets


#01 - Taichung Plaza International Hotel - the Australian team stayed in this hotel on their arrival in Taiwan and during the practise/leadup games from Tuesday 30th October until Tuesday 4th November 2001
#02 - The Grand Hotel, Taipei - where the team stayed during the tournament - Wednesday 5th November to Tuesday 20th November 2001
#03 - Brett outside the Grand Hotel - and the "Welcome" sign for all athletes ..........Brett said it was a "great hotel"
#04 - Brett - and his room!!! - very, um, tidy!!!

The Stadiums

#01 - Tien Mou
#02 - Shinchaun
#03 - Kaohsiung
#04 - Chia Yi

Brett - at Tien Mou Stadium

The Official Opening - Tien Mou Stadium

#01 - Premier Chang Chun-hsiung
#02 - The ceremonial "First Pitch"
#03 - And another photo of the "First Pitch"

The Opening Ceremony held at Tien Mou Stadium on Tuesday 6th November 2001

#01 - dancers and acrobats
#02 - acrobats
#03 - singer and dancers
#04 - some of the teams watching the Opening
#05 - dancers/marchers
#06 - some of the spectators
#07 - view of the Ceremony from home plate
#08 - view from the stands
#09 - and another view of the Ceremony from the stands

The fans

#01 - This guy must be the #1 supporter for Taiwan!!!
#02 - Taiwanese fans celebrate a home team victory over Italy

Photos taken during games

#01 - Philippines v Japan
#02 - Dominican Republic v USA
#03 - Taipei v France
#04 - Japan v Cuba
#05 - Taipei v USA - and President Chen Shui-bian attended the game
#06 - Dominican Republic v Taipei - and the Domincan players show a mark of respect for their country-men killed in a plane crash in New York
#07 - Taipei v South Korea
#08 - Taipei v South Korea

BRETT in the World Cup

#01 - Player accreditation pass
#02 - In both the batting practise and playing uniforms - uniform #17 - photos taken on the balcony of his room in the Grand Hotel
#03 - With the Australian team at the Opening Ceremony
Australia v Canada - Thursday 8th November 2001- a series of photos showing Brett in the batter's box, swinging, and heading off to first base
Number One
Number Two
Number Three
Number Four
Australia v Japan - Sunday 11th November 2001 - Tien Mou Stadium- a couple of photos taken by another player from the Australian's first base dugout
Number One - at bat
Number Two - on first base

The Australian players

#01 - Training before the tournament - and right next to an airfield!!!
#02 - John Stephens
#03 - Gavin Fingleson - 1
#04 - Gavin Fingleson - 2
#05 - Ben Risinger

Photos taken during the Final Series

#01 - Semi final - USA v Taipei
#02 - A Taiwanese supporter
#03 - BRONZE MEDAL - the Taiwanese players celebrate after beating Japan
#04 - The Taiwanese players and the third place trophy
#05 - Excited Taiwanese fans swarm around the player's bus!!!
#06 - SILVER MEDAL - won by the USA - some of the players with their medals
#07 - GOLD MEDAL - Cuba defeated the USA to win the Gold!!! - and the players celebrate


Complete Batting, Fielding and Pitching Statistics for the Australian Team

BRETT out and about in Taipei

#01 - The slums - which are not far from the luxurious Grand Hotel
#02 - "Little motor scooters everywhere"
#03 - Brett, with the sign which is recognised around the world!!!
#04 - "Snake Alley" - and they are on the menu!!!
#05 - Brett standing on an overpass - with a shopping district and street in the background
#06 - Brett out to see the night-life
#07 - Sex shops were "everywhere"!!!
#08 - Shopping with Heath Wilson
#09 - Brett, Heath, and two "Budweiser Girls"

Tournament Function

Dinner, followed by a Show - "A night of Taiwan culture"

The World Cup is over, and......

#01 - Brett and the Australian team out on the town!!!
#02 - Rodney Van Buizen sings the team song