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The Early Years

Playing Junior Baseball in Cairns





Dressed in the Sharks uniform - July 1986 ..........cute pic!!!

With his glove and again dressed in the Sharks T-Ball uniform - 1986 ..........another nice photo!!!
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Hitting a home run!!! - playing T-Ball for Sharks Baseball Club Under 9 Team - seven years old ..........a great action shot


In his Dodgers Baseball Club uniform - eight years old - played in the Under 9 and Under 12 competitions - April 1987

Amongst the Dodgers players during the Opening Ceremony March-Past - April 1987 ..........nice photo

1987 Dodgers Under 9 Team - team photograph - August 1987 - and includes Tanya who was the scorer - and Sharon is included in one of the pictures - two photos - this team won their Grand Final!!!

1987 Dodgers Under 12 Team - team photograph - includes Geoff (coach)

Brett, and Tanya, in their uniforms - and helping to line mark the Dodgers field - August 1987


A left-hander playing shortstop!!! - during a Dodgers Under 12 game

1988 Dodgers Under 12 Team - team photograph - September 1988 - includes Geoff (coach) and Tanya (scorer) - played in and won the Grand Final!!!


1989 Dodgers Under 12 Team - "The Rockets" - team photograph - August 1989 - includes Geoff (coach) - and this page also has a game report on the Grand Final which The Rockets won!!! - Brett pitching and recording nine strike outs!!!


Brett with the team trophy and medallion he received for playing with the Dodgers Under 14 Team ..........a very nice shot