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Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Anne Kippin

"Services to North Queensland Sport"
North Queensland Sportstar Awards

( there are complete details below )


Anne asked Sharon to take a few shots to be included with this Nomination

An email sent to Anne
Hi Anne ... and three photos are attached
I guess that they will need to be printed for the Awards so I have sent them in the original size
According to my software ...
#01 will print up to a size of 56.5cm x 50.5cm
#02 will print up to a size of 44.7cm x 40.1cm
#03 will print up to a size of 28.2cm x 28.2cm
See you ...... on Sunday 15th April for Baseball's Opening Day
A reply from Anne
Thank you for the photos
The 'fantasy shot' is the one I will send with the nomination
Should win me something !!
See you on the 15th




From Geoff to all League Members ... Tuesday 17th April 2012

Reference ... Anne Kippin

I am not sure how many of you are aware of this
I am not sure if Anne wanted it "to be kept quiet"
I am sure that "a bit of noise" should be made !!

On the grapevine, I've heard that Anne has been nominated in the ...
"Services to North Queensland Sport"
... section of the Awards detailed below ...

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Reply from Anne

Thanks, Geoff

I did tell everyone at the meeting last night why I wouldn’t be at baseball this weekend

I am greatly honoured by the nomination
and even more delighted that baseball has received some recognition as well

I am looking forward to the event and my sister who is coming with me is very excited

Thanks for your good wishes and the support you and Sharon have given me over the years

Love to you both, Anne

Reply from Rick Robinson

All the best Anne ... you deserve the recognition

You are a stand out in what you do for Cairns Baseball

Cheers, Rick

Reply from Jane Cairns

Good on you, Geoff

It should be shouted from the rooftops too !!

Very, very proud of my sister and she is so worthy of this accolade

Cheers, Jane


After the Awards

Article from The Cairns Post