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Sharon and Brett





Three week old Brett and his Mum - two photos - February 1979

Five weeks old - March 1979

Brett all rugged up against the cold in Melbourne, Victoria - April 1979 ..........a very nice picture

"Curly haired" Sharon with a three month old Brett - May 1979

Mother and son - June 1979 ..........a great photo, including a "glamorous" Sharon!!!

Sharon and Brett - and why do Mothers do this?? - one photo - July 1979
............this page was built on Monday 13th October 2008 ...... and includes "super size" photos!!!

Brett wondering just what sort of Mother he has been stuck with!!! - September 1979

In the back yard of our unit in Melbourne, Victoria - and our "garden in pots" - two photos - September 1979

..........and another two photos taken the same day ..........great photos

A very happy Brett with his Mum - December 1979


Spending Christmas in Adelaide - two photos - December 1980


The two of them - October 1981

Sharon with Brett, who is now two years and ten months old - October 1981

In the back yard of our home in Bellbowrie, just outside of Brisbane Queensland - two photos - October 1981 ..........nice photos

Having a running race!!! - October 1981

On the boat and heading to Green Island, a few miles out from Cairns - December 1981


A kiss - but then Brett makes a face!!! - two photos - February 1982

A picnic in the bush - August 1982


Both of them sound asleep!!! ..........and we will not say anything about where Sharon's hand is!!!


At the lookout on the Kuranda Range Road, with the sugar cane fields around Cairns in the background - July 1985


Brett lighting the candles on his 8th Birthday cake - with Sharon watching closely!!! - 5th February 1987

It looks like Brett has just woken up - December 1987 ..........a good photo of the two of them

A visit to the Adelaide Zoo - the polar bear enclosure - December 1987

Supporters of the Dodgers Baseball Club in Cairns ..........the quality of this photo isn't the best, but had to keep it because I think it is the only one we have of Brett wearing a "flap hat"!!!


Sharon with Brett, who is ready for a game of cricket - played for the Barron Rivers Junior Team - October 1989


Brett fooling around behind Sharon!!! - March 1990 ..........a very nice shot

At a lookout on the Cairns to Port Douglas road - June 1990


Here they are relaxing on the rocks at the beach - January 1991

Standing on the baseball diamond - during the North Queensland Junior Baseball Titles in Townsville, Queensland - Brett is in his Cairns uniform - June 1991


Having a cuddle!!! -March 1992

1995 - Graduated from High School
Attended Smithfield High School in Cairns - Graduation Dance in November 1995

In his suit, and ready to leave for the dance - with Sharon - photo number One - photo number Two ..........terrific pictures!!!


Brett had just signed his Playing Contract with the Brisbane Bandits Baseball Team - and here is the "rookie" with his Mum - December 1995


A "Crying Sharon" meeting Brett at the Cairns airport when he returned from the USA after the 1997 season - September 1997


At Cairns Airport - Brett had just returned from his season the the USA - a hug from his Mum!!! - September 2000

September 2000 ..........a nice photo, even though Sharon looks to be a midget!!!

The Olympian returns!!! - Brett in his Australian uniform - September 2000

The Australia Day Award Ceremony - Friday 26th January 2001

#01 - Sharon and Brett in the audience - and who is that fim star in the sunglasses???

#02 - in the audience before the Ceremony

#03 - Brett won the Sporting Award!!! - Sharon and Brett, with the Medallion


The night of the Cairns Post Sportstar of the Year Awards - Friday 16th February 2001 ..........a very good photo

Sharing a chair in Sharon's office at the Earlville Busines Centre - December 2001

In the office again, with some of Brett's pictures that Sharon has displayed on the walls


During a visit to Tanya's home - late 2001/early 2002 ..........nice photo

We received a "surprise parcel" from the Renner family!!! - and it included a video of ??? - six photos - Thursday 29th August 2002 (114Kb, and it may take a few extra seconds to download - but it's worth the wait!!!)

Brett returned from the USA on Tuesday 17th September 2002 - as the Cairns Baseball League was still underway, he played for Cubs in a few games - here he is with Sharon, and in the Cubs uniform - ready for the game on Sunday 6th October 2002 - two photos ..........nice shots

----------and more shots taken the same day - four photos ..........again these are nice pictures


With his Olympic Silver Medal!!!
At Cairns Airport - Brett arrived back from the Athens Olympics, his 2004 season with the Portland Sea Dogs, and a visit with Tanya in London - Wednesday 22nd September 2004
----------Photo Number 01
----------Photo Number 02

Sharon and Brett and the Olympic Silver Medal and the plaque from the Cairns City Council
Taken when "The Olympians Thank-you Tour" visted Cairns - two photos - Tuesday 26th October 2004


Sharon in the "gym" with Brett!!! - during his shoulder rehabilitation program - four photos - Sunday 20th February 2005

These shots were taken on Tuesday 22nd March 2005 - Brett is in his 2004 Athens Olympics shirt and tie
----------Three photos ..........nice shots
----------and three more ..........and so are these!!!

Mother's Day - and Brett's present to his Mum - three photos - Sunday 8th May 2005

Sharon's Birthday - Brett is buying his Mum lunch - two photos - Monday 22nd August 2005


The Cairns Taipans are in the National Basketball League Playoff's and Sharon and Brett are there to support them - the page includes two photos, the result and game report, and an interview with the Taipans' Coach, Alan Black - and lots of "orange fingers"!!! - Friday 23rd February 2007

Sharon and Brett are heading to Townsville to see Elton John 'live' in Concert!!! - this page includes details of the Show, seating chart, reviews, and seven 'midi files' of some of Elton's hits - the concert is being held on Tuesday 4th December 2007


Circuit Training - #01
Sharon has 'employed' Brett as her Personal Trainer!! - he set up a program of eight exercises which she then completed under his supervision - the venue was over at the baseball fields - twenty six photos - Sunday 3rd May 2009

Circuit Training - #02
Sharon had another hard session with Brett!! - and this time it was recorded on eleven videos!! - Saturday 6th June 2009

Teacher v Student
Brett has been supervising his Mum's fitness program for a few months ... and she thought it was time for a comparison!! - one photo - Saturday 4th July 2009

It is Sharon's Fifty-Fifth Birthday!! - and this page details the gift she received from Brett ... which was ??? - the page includes three nice videos - Saturday 22nd August 2009


Sunday roast lunch at Brett and Kahlia's home - and the shots include the dinner ... and Sharon, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - three photos - Sunday 18th July 2010