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Signed with The Brisbane Bandits!!!

Brett's First Professional Contract!!!

Signed at 10.28am on Thursday 21st December 1995


Due to Olympic Team commitments, some of the Bandits players were not available - Brett was on hand, and had trained with the Bandits and proved himself - and got the chance!!!

In the Bandits office - details of those attending - a few comments from Coach Dan Radisson - details on Brett's first game, which is a road trip to Adelaide starting on Tuesday 26th December 1995
..........and Brett became the youngest player on record to sign an Australian Baseball League contract!!! --- age 16 years 11 months

Sections of the contract which Brett signed - Australian Baseball League Standard Player Contract

Player Registration Application - for the Australian Baseball League - is now a Bandit!!!

A "Congratulations" letter presented to Brett by the Bandits staff - signed by all the Club Officials


"Cairns youngster snared by Bandits"

An article with a photo that was published in the Cairns Post on Friday 22nd December 1995
..........a terrific article and interview with Brett!!!


Photos of Brett

#01 - the newest Bandit in full uniform

#02 - in the batting practise/training shirt

#03 - "Roneberg #30"

#04 - and Brett with his very proud parents!!!