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Saturday 18th February 2017
and again on
Saturday 17th February 2018
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Saturday 18th February 2017

Wednesday 15th February 2017
Another note from Geoff

A million photos from the above two "Ash Moseley Workouts"
Click on the link ...

Reply from Shar
Nice !!

Reply from Michelle
They were great workouts, Geoff, and so many photos to prove how tiring they were ... good job !!
The weather was so much better then too !!

Reply from Geoff
Hey, Michelle, that is all one workout !! ... not three little ones !!
And what about you and the "Anniversary Boy" make the call
whether we do it tomorrow or Saturday or later in the year ?? ... ( is he working, etc, etc )

Reply from Michelle
I'm keen for that workout on Saturday, and Ash will be also

Reply from Geoff
Sharon will be there too !!

Reply from Russell
Go Ash !!

Note from Geoff

Reply from Adam

Reply from Ashley

Reply from Ritchie

Reply from Michelle
Yea ... and glad you've provided all that info on Sharon's attire !!

Reply from Geoff
Nea ex Brett ... still in Townsville
And Hori, come on down for a visit ... it will be a Good Fun Day with Ash bossing everybody around !!

Reply from Faye
Me and Alfie will be there

Reply from Michelle
Good !!

Reply from Ashley
I will now be an absentee for tomorrow ... see you on Tuesday, people's
Also, Rhi, I hate you, or rather my legs hate you !!

Reply from Michelle
Push through it, Ash !!

Reply from Ashley
I'm envisioning it could be a late night and as such will probably need a sleep in

Reply from Rhiannon
Hahahahaha ... No, Ash, you love me ... muscles get the girls !!

Note from Geoff
Saturday morning at 7.15am
If somebody at today's "Special Workout" sees this note please take a photo for me and post it here ( plus to add to our web site )
Naturally it must include the "Man of the Hour -- Ash Moseley"
And maybe another one of Sharon in her ""AMH"" gear !!

Note from Geoff
And there will be more in an hour or so !!

Reply from Michelle
Good shot !!

Note from Geoff
Photos Soon !!
But in the meantime, a twenty-four second "Pooch Video" is uploading now !! ... give it a minute or two to finish
Now ... just click HERE to watch this video in "mp4" format ... file size is 20.70mb

Note from Geoff
"Ash Moseley Anniversary Workout"
These photos with 'thanks' to The Old Girl ... aka Sharon
Photo #01 of 18 ... etc, etc

Reply from Michelle
Great photos, Sharon ... I didn't realise you'd taken so many ... well done !!
Good workout too !!

Reply from Rhiannon
Great photos !!

Reply from Geoff
This is Geoffrey ... I really, really like the "Group Selfie" !!
Plus the one of Ash+Michelle / Husband+Wife / Man+Woman / Boss+Employee completing the Box Jumps together

Reply from Michelle
Little Boss + Big Boss I think you mean !!

Saturday 17th February 2018
Original Post As Above
Added to Newsletter - Monday 5th February 2018

Note from Geoff to Ash - 05-02-18
Yes, you are going to be there on Saturday 17th February 2018 as per above post from me
OKAY ?? !! ??

Note from Peter - 06-02-18
Hi, and we have family staying from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th February
And I think there is a breaky planned for Saturday 17th
If not, I will keep you updated

Note from Geoff to Peter - 06-02-18
Really want you and Deb there if possible
Hey, tell you what
Your Family can come too and we'll not charge them any fees
PLUS ... they would get a damn good laugh while watching you two pretend to be Athletes !!
Hope it works out
Ash M is such a perfect role model, blah, blah and bleh !!

Note from Peter - 15-02-18
We have family staying here and will sadly not make Saturday

Sharon - Newsletter Post - 16-02-18
Hi all ... who's in for tomorrow morning ??
The plan is to do the following workout
It is three years to the day since Ash Mosely started working out and this was "His First WOD" !!
Even though Ash is still recovering from his injury and may not be able to participate,
it is a good one and worth repeating
Unless someone has something they want to do ( which is fine )
Myself ?? ... well, I reckon we go with this one !!

Note from Michelle - 16-02-18
Sounds good !!
I’m in ... but Ash is still injured
Note from Geoff
Sharon and Michelle and Rhiannon were at this Session
The Workout as above was completed but no photos were taken