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Ronald Coudrey's Watercolours

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Correspondence with Brian Carpenter

Morning Geoff
I was just researching 'Ronald Coudrey' on the net and came across your website
I have a couple of his watercolours from the late 1970's
I am attempting to send photos to you
They hang at home amongst other South Australian Artists
Peter Coad, Barbara Fargher and Sydney Ball ... so they are in good company !!
I am not interested in selling them,
but I thought you would like to know that we have enjoyed them over the years and continue to do so

Reply from Geoff
This is so Very Nice !!
Thank You !!
Please send us these photos of the paintings plus the labels / details that may be on the reverse
Appreciate your thought in writing this note

Note from Brian
The 1977 work is entitled "Two Fold Bay" and the later is titled "A Quiet Day At Salt Creek"


"Two Fold Bay"

by Ronald Coudrey ...1977


"A Quiet Day At Salt Creek"

by Ronald Coudrey ...1979



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