some of these shots are "really good" and others are "not so good" being dark, fuzzy and out of focus
that's how photography goes sometimes ... especially under the lighting used at these types of functions
they have all been included here so it's a complete record of the night and "our thanks" to those who took and sent these shots to us



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Friday 28th October 2016




"Tanya Roneberg Memorial Award"

Note from Sharon

I went to the Baseball Presentation Night
so I could present Tanya’s Award

Matt Bolton made the announcement and
I was watching as Leon’s name was called
I think he was pretty surprised
and his wife's reaction was priceless !!

I was a bit teary
and Leon came and gave me a big hug
He was a little teary too
and told me how much he appreciated it

As I was hugging him I could see
all the audience stand up one by one
It was fantastic !!
I wanted to turn him around so he could see it too
I think it was the nicest moment of the evening

refer to the note to Adrian Nelson
at the bottom of this page



Cairns Bandits "A" Grade Baseball Team ... 2016 Premiers


Cairns Baseball League ... "A" Grade Award Winners

Bandits' Nick Fogarty ... Batting and Pitching Awards

Bandits' Brandon Doo ... Catching Award

Bandits' Luke Turner ... Third Base Fielding Award


General Shots during the Evening

The Room

The Buffet Dinner

Anne Kippin and Sharon

The Bandits' Table



Notes to-and-from Adrian Nelson


Hi, Adrian
Sharon was not able to get many photos that night
And in particular, she does not have any of your Dad receiving Tanya's "Volunteer of the Year Award" !!
( which, may I say, was bloody well deserved !! )
Could you ask him to take a few of the Award itself
Plus some of him holding it, etc, etc
And could we have copies of any that you may have taken ??
For these photos, you can send them to my email ... geoff@ronebergcairns.com
Finally, would you mind sending me Leon's current email address
Will really appreciate this ... thanks ... Geoff

Reply from Adrian
Yeah, not a problem, Geoff !!
I'll ask him next time I see him if he has any photos that were taken on the night
Also I have never seen Dad so excited and humbled
He told me getting that Award made the five years he was out there all worth it !!
So thank you, Geoff and Sharon
Here is his new email ... leon****45@gmail.com

Note from Geoff
So Very Nice !! ... Perfect Words !!

Note from Sharon
Hi Adrian, and it's Sharon here
Can you tell your Mum for me that I am sorry I didn't catch up with her properly on Friday night
I was watching when the announcement of Leon's Award was made and her reaction was priceless !!
What a moment ... a standiting ovation ... very cool indeed !!

Note from Adrian
Not a problem, Sharon !!