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Remembering Tanya


Plants and Flowers which we have received

Leandra ... Customer @ North Cairns Post Office

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this page was updated on Sunday 30th April 2017







Anthurium Andreanum

"Flamingo Flower"

red/pink/white flowers





Monday 16th September 2013



Tuesday 1st September 2015
A new flower is forming





Sunday 6th September 2015



Wednesday 9th September 2015
And here it is !!



Friday 11th September 2015




Monday 21st September 2015



Thursday 22nd October 2015
More flowers !!



Thursday 12th November 2015




Saturday 5th December 2015



Wednesday 23rd March 2016
There was extremely hot weather during December 2015 and January 2016
and unfortunately some of the leaves were burnt
New flowers are still forming although they are "not as nice" as the ones shown in the shots above



The weather has cooled down and the new growth is starting to be lush and green



It is still receiving monthly doses of Thrive Liquid Fertiliser



Wednesday 27th April 2016
This plant seems to like the cooler weather
Flowers are starting to form again and the new growth looks healthier



Thursday 2nd June 2016
Lots of new growth



Wednesday 20th July 2016
The plant description at the top of this page says it has "red, pink and white flowers"
All the flowers to date have been white and, to be honest, not brilliant or magnificent !!
This is the very first one that has had a touch of colour and there is also an enlargement below ...



... and here is the Pink Flower !!



Monday 26th September 2016
Yes, there are new leaves ... and ... Yes, there are new flowers
But they do not last long ... leaves or flowers ... and definately not much colour !!
Might have to find a different position for this plant


Sunday 30th April 2017
Just recently this plant has been displaying new + large + healthy green leaves
then along came this "monstrous" flower !! ... it is 110mm acroos !! ... fantastic !!
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