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Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Parents (Roneberg)

John Andrew and Eileen Veronica Roneberg

living in Gladstone South Australia

Their Children


born 15th March 1945
born 13th October 1947
born 3rd April 1949


Friday 6th July 1951

John = 6 years 4 months
Terry = 3 years 9 months
Geoff = 2 years 3 months

There are no details on what we did but each of us won a prize ... so it must have been really good !!


Friday 10th September 1954

Terry = 6 years 11 months
Geoff = 5 years 5 months

Terry and Geoff won the voting so why didn't we win the Junior Division ?? ... who is this Helen Page ??

But we were awarded a "Special Prize" ... I wonder what it was ??


Friday 24th December 1954

John = 9 years 9 months
Terry = 7 years 2 months
Geoff = 5 years 8 months

No prizes at this Christmas Party ... John played a piano solo and "little" Terry and Geoffrey recited something


Something Extra ... Full Editions of TWO of the above Papers

Headlines of the Day ... Adverts for Cars and Household Appliances ... What Movies are currently Showing

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Edition from Friday 6th July 1951

and the above story is on
Page Three of Six Pages

Edition from Friday 24th December 1954

and the above story is on
Page Four of Twelve Pages