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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Grand-Parents (Matheson)

John (Jock) Matheson and Gertrude Matheson (nee Ward)

Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Ronald Coudrey and Laurel Margaret Coudrey (nee Knowles)

Tanya and Brett's ... Mother (Roneberg)

Sharon Margaret Roneberg (nee Coudrey)


Friday 16th September 1955


Yes, it's Lesley's Birthday !!


Pooraka South Australia


NOTE - names are included in the section-by-section enlargements below


Laurel Coudrey ... Audrey Hutton ... Valerie Turnley ... Birthday Girl Lesley Coudrey

From Lesley ... Monday 22nd October 2012
There are two cakes in this photo because Aunty Norma's birthday is on the 17th September, the day after mine
The extra girl is Valerie Turnley who lived across the road at Pooraka
We went to school together at Nailsworth Girls Tech

Clive Hutton ... Deane Hutton ... Norma Keyte ... Will Keyte

Ronald Coudrey nursing one year old Sharon ... Knowlton Coudrey ... Laurence Coudrey

John (Jock) Matheson ... Gertrude Matheson nursing Erina

Peter Keyte ... Rex Hutton ... Lyn Keyte