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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Ward)

George Watford Ward and Julia Ann Ward (nee Duxbury)

married on 11th May 1874 at St Judes Church Leeds England
born - 13th March 1853
died - 15th August 1930
born - 17th July 1854
died - 6th August 1931


Photo and Notes from Judith McCarthy
Grand Daughter of George Watford Ward (junior)
who was born 24th February 1893 at Port Pirie ... son of the above and brother of Gertrude
and refer to 'Section #07' of The Knowles Family History Albumn ...


Unknown - my grandfather, George Watford Ward (junior) with an unknown child
Does anyone know who the young girl is ??

and click HERE and scroll down the page for more notes on this photo from Judith
plus there are other comments below at the bottom of this page

two variations of the same photo ... includes enlargement

... and here is an enlargement


Note from Lesley ... Monday 22nd October 2012

Hi Geoff ... and I have just had a long chat with Auntie Norma
She is fairly sure that the baby girl in the picture with Frances William Ward is Grace Briscoe
Frances William had a daughter named Elsa
And by the way, this long chat was back in September !! ... Lesley

Note from Geoff ... Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Hi ya, and thanks for the note above
Do you mean THIS photo ??
......( note - the link went to this page )
Because Judith McCarthy reckons it is George Watford Ward not Frances William Ward ??
Or is there another photo I haven't spotted ??

Note from Lesley ... Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Yes, that is the one ... perhaps best to leave it as it is ... Lesley