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Correspondence with Kate (Kathryn) Dann
daughter of Mary Gertrude Meers
Mary was the sister of Eileen Veronica Meers, who was Tanya and Brett's Grand Mother


These notes refer to the following Family

James and Louisa Meers (nee Beerworth)......Section #06......HERE
Tanya and Brett's Great-Grand-Parents (Meers)


The 'MEERS' Family History Newsletter ... Tuesday 16th October 2012

...... but first ......

Request #01

All the photos and information you are about to look at is with many, many thanks to Kate Dann
She trusted me with her treasured family memories, sending them via registered post ... I scanned them, and they have now been returned to Kate, again by registered post

PLEASE continue to look for Meers Family Information and PLEASE send me anything you find ... it will be carefully looked after and then returned to you

It doesn't matter what size the photos are ... some of Kate's were large but some were very small ... I was able to scan to a resolution so they will display in the sizes you will see in a minute

Request #02

Would you send this email on to anyone you feel may be interested

Request #03

Do your brothers and/or sisters have email addresses ?? ... send these to me so I can include them in any future Meers Family History updates

Request #04

If I have made mistakes, let me know and I'll fix them immediately


James John and Louisa Mary Meers and their Family

Lots of Photos ... plus Telegrams ... plus Letters ... plus Notices

Click ... HERE ... and enjoy the past !!


Note from Judy Brookman (nee Sunman) ... Tuesday 16th October 2012

Hi Geoff

The young boy watering the garden is John, your big brother

Great photos !!


Note from Judy Brookman (nee Sunman) ... Wednesday 17th October 2012

Hi Geoff

In the Family Portrait Photo it is Uncle Dan along side Nana

Regards ... Judy

Note to Judy Brookman (nee Sunman) ... Wednesday 17th October 2012

Hi Judy, and thanks for this note

The name on the Family Portrait on Page #02 has been adjusted plus the photo of John has been transfered to Page #05 ... thanks

If you look, you may need to click 'REFRESH PAGE' to see the new version

Hey, the Meers' Home photos are intriguing, eh !!

Note from Sharon ... Tuesday 16th October 2012

I absolutely loved looking through all this ... checking it all out ... looking for family resemblances !!

I have to say Geoff ... you are my hero !!
Not only have you done this for your family, you have done it for my family as well and your persistence and tenacity is second to none

As Geoff asked in his email please send him anything you have ... we will take good care of it and return it to you safely

Well I made notes and comments !!

Geoff, it seems you may be around for a while ... there is longevity in your family ... Louisa was ninety three when she died !!

As it was 1976 that means our Tanya was one of the thirty one Great Grandchildren ... I think think that is cool !!

I love the family photo ... the one attached to the email
Your Mum, Geoff (Eileen), looks terrific

I also see Terry in the photo of Winifred

The question you asked about who was with the two lovely school girls ... surely that is James and Louisa ??

Also loved the shop with all the adverts ... yay for “Choice” Queensland cheese !!

All the Meers children photos are terrific ... Matron Margaret Meers looks lovely

The Roneberg children look adorable ... even Geoff disguised as Harry High Pants !!

I didn’t know Daniel and Michelle were twins

Mary and Winifred looked gorgeous in Mary’s wedding photo ... those hats were very stylish and could easily be worn today

Reading the letter from Winifred to her sister Mary I had a chuckle to see that Eileen would never get those girls clothes back because she never got her baby girl !!

Looking at the Estate of Mary Meers, 184 pounds each would have been handy in 1944 when things were a little tough ... I love looking at old wills etc

Well I hope you all enjoyed checking out your Family History

Regards to you all ... Sharon

Note from Gavin ... Wednesday 17th October 2012

Hi Geoff

This is an incredible effort ... well done

I will have to check the 'boxes of tricks' we have from Mum and send up what may be useful for you to go through

You are doing an awesome job in collating all this stuff and I should now probably stop the jokes about you having far too much bloody time on your hands !!

Well done again and congrats ... stand by for that 'box of tricks' !!


Note to Gavin ... Wednesday 17th October 2012

I'm leaving now to camp out at the Post Office a wait for the 'box of tricks' !!
Looking forward to it ... so hurry along now

Note from Gavin ... Wednesday 17th October 2012

Settle down, bro ... won’t even get to it until the weekend !!

Note from Margaret McDonald (nee Meers) ... Thursday 18th October 2012

WOW !!

Some I didnt even know existed and remembering our Mt Bryan house burned down and nothing was saved so earlier photos (rarities then) went in the flames and many house shifts afterwards any remaining would have been lost along the way

Have some corrections

1 - on page four the wedding photo of Joe and Margaret Bowers is named James

2 - the Baldon Homestead car Lizzie ... I remember Jim (James) had one like that or very similar ... it had a 'dickie' seat at the back

3 - Ian says that the machinery is agricultural equipment ... at the back a type of seed cleaner and in front probably a chaff cutter and elevator ... maybe as listed in the auction sale ??

4 - the Hallet House is the only one ... later owners must have changed it ... I couldn't get very close when there last

Congratulations on putting all together ... I have spent the afternoon reminiscing

Best wishes ... Marg

Note from Geoff ... Thursday 18th October 2012

Fire destroyed photos and records ... that's the second catastrophe I've heard of

Kate wrote in one of her notes that a box containing old photos and documents was left in the shed and got wet and everything was destroyed ... I don't think she wants to talk about it !!

Thanks for the note, Margaret

I have changed 'James' to 'Joseph' ... stupid typo
And I am also going to add yours and Ian's thoughts on the car, machinery and house to the web pages ... just for future reference


I haven't heard back from you
I hope you like the way all your information is now displayed ... I think it turned out perfectly
Also, please let me know when the registered parcel arrives


Some of you may not have 'met' Bianca ... she is James's grand-daughter and click ...
HERE ... for a few details and a photo

She is waiting 'very patiently' for Kate to find photos of James and his son Andrew which are somewhere in her house ... just have to be found !!


Daniel and I exchanged a few emails during the first half of 2010 and since then, I have sent him all the update information but I do not receive replies
I have been using this email address ... aussiedan65@gmail.com ... can anyone tell me if this is right and if he is okay, etc ??


I have mentioned this before but I'll ask again
Does anyone have any contact information for any more of ... US ... that is, any other of James and Louisa's Grand-Children
Email addresses or I am happy to ring them if you have phone numbers


I have two terrific and fantastic and fabulous brothers ... Terry and Gavin !! ... and I think I have buttered them up enough now !!

They both have a bit of info / photos that came from Dad and Mum and as soon as they get some spare time they are going to get it together and send to me
No idea what they have, but looking forward to receiving it and then passing it on to you all !!

That's about it for now ... stay in touch ... regards ... Geoff