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Correspondence with Judy Brookman
daughter of Winifred Francis Meers
Winifred was the sister of Eileen Veronica Meers, who was Tanya and Brett's Grand Mother

Gavin Roneberg


These notes refer to the following Families

James and Judith Meers
(nee ??)

Section #10 - HERE

Tanya and Brett's

John and Ellen McCabe
(nee Frost)

Section #09 - HERE

Tanya and Brett's

Daniel and Mary Meers
(nee McCabe)

Section #07 - HERE

Tanya and Brett's

James and Louisa Meers
(nee Beerworth)

Section #06 - HERE

Tanya and Brett's


From Gavin to Judy ... Thursday 30th June 2011

Hi Judy

I know I shared with you when we were out for dinner recently about Geoff’s website of The Family History
Every time I click through the site I always wish ... if only I had so much bloody spare time !!
Anyway it is an awesome achievement

He has sent us all today this bit of an update of the History and I am real sure that you could fill in lots of info as well
You seem to remember everything about everybody ... a great memory that I am sure Geoff will appreciate

The first job would be to grab a glass of wine (bottle actually) and sit down and have a look at the site

As I mentioned it is pretty amazing and obviously your mum is there heaps as well

Anything you can share to ensure accuracy would be appreciated I am sure

And Geoff, well done and awesome stuff ... keep up the great work


From Geoff ... Thursday 30th June 2011

And HELLO once again to you all !!

Yes, it has been a while ... but I've got a good excuse !!
As well as doing this particular Family History, I am also researching my Dad's side as well, plus also my darling wife's Dad and Mum's family histories as well ... and this is where the time has been spent
When you look at the Index Page for the Meers History below, you will see that it is divided into fourteen sections ... Sharon's Dad's name is Coudrey and if you check that albumn - HERE - you'll see fifty-eight sections, yes, that's 58 !! ... and it goes all the way back to the 1500's ... and that's over five hundred years ago !!
A massive amount of research over a long period of time ... please accept my excuse !!
Maybe one day we can get the Meers History back this far as well !!

Righto, let's get going

You've probably noticed that this is a very long email ... and it is !!
Lots of details along with over thirty links to click on
These include all the updates I've received along with the new information I have been sent and that I've recently found

But first, a few "Thank You's"

The Entire Fahey Family ... who live in Hallett and are members of the Historical Society
I've said it before but I'll say it again ... what a fantastic parcel that was to receive !! ... terrific information and photos !!
Still a bit more to do, but you'll see a lot of it included in the links below ... everytime I look at it, I want to buy the Meers' Home in Hallett !!

Margaret McDonald ... daughter of Daniel Joseph and Kathleen Mary Meers (nee Victory)
Really appreciated the information on James and Judith Meers
And the terrific photo of Daniel !!
If you ever find the copies of his Birth and Death Certificates, please, please send me a copy !!

Bianca Rowland ... grand-daughter of James Vincent and Margaret Meers
No, I hadn't forgotten nor was I ignoring you !!
Thanks for your photo ... and you'll see it below
Also you'll come across a shot of your great-grand-mother with your grand-parents which was taken on their Wedding Day
Plus, you'll see photos of the family home and the garage where your grand-father worked
And another plus ... there are contact details for Milda Fahey, who went to Primary School with your Dad !!

I hope you all enjoy looking through all this Family History
As usual, if I've made any mistakes or wrong assunptions, please let me know ... it is difficult to put all this together, and I really want it to be as accurate as possible
If you have anything new on our family tree, please also send that so it can be included on this site

Finally, there is a question right at the end of this note ... hope someone has the answer !!

Regards ... and hope to hear from you soon ... Geoff

'Bierwirth / Beerworth' and 'Meers' Family History Albumn
Main Index Page ... CLICK HERE ...... and then refer to the Section Numbers as detailed below

Section #10 ... James and Judith Meers
UPDATED ... all of the information in this section has recently been added
CLICK HERE ... passenger lists showing the Family's arrival in Australia during Nov 1849
CLICK HERE ... gravesite and headstone for Judith Meers who died during October 1907
CLICK HERE ... obituary for Elizabeth O'Halloran, their daughter, who died in October 1926
CLICK HERE ... burial details for James and Judith's son, John, who was buried in Sept 1929

Section #07 ... Daniel and Mary Meers
CLICK HERE ... Daniel won the 'Tilting Match' at the Carrieton Sports Day ... April 1906
CLICK HERE ... A 'severe' accident when driving home in a dog cart ... October 1906
CLICK HERE ... here is a portrait type photo of Daniel Meers ... date unknown
CLICK HERE ... a "Clearing Sale" on their property following Daniel's death ... March 1922
CLICK HERE ... added another Death plus a Funeral Notice for Mary Meers ... August 1942

Section #06 ... James and Louisa Meers
UPDATED ... added full names and birth / death dates for all of James and Louisa's children
CLICK HERE ... added thirty-two photos of the Family Home in Hallett
CLICK HERE ... added eight photos of their son James' Garage in Hallett
CLICK HERE ... James Meers fined after trying to get an after hours beer ... November 1921
CLICK HERE ... Louisa and daughter, Mary, assisting at a Strawberry Fete ... November 1926
CLICK HERE ... The Burra High School 1929 Annual Break Up ... mentions two of the Meers' children, Winifred and James, in three different sections ...... and these have been highlighted in yellow ... talented kids !!
CLICK HERE ... added another report on the Mt Bryan Easter Sports Meeting ... April 1931 ... and note there are now seven different reports on the above Index Page detailing Eileen Meers' athletic prowess during her school years !!
CLICK HERE ... James and Louisa Meers and here is a black / white photo ... date unknown
CLICK HERE ... James and Louisa Meers' son, William (Bill) ... from the late 1960's
CLICK HERE ... James and Louisa Meers with their children ... five photos from 1920 to 1964 ... NOTE - this was elsewhere on our web site ... now included in this Family History
CLICK HERE ... Louisa and daughter, Eileen ... two photos from May 1975
CLICK HERE ... Louisa Mary Meers ... three photos from May 1975

Section #04 ... John and Eileen Roneberg (nee Meers)
CLICK HERE ... Memories of Gladstone South Australia ... lots of recollections and photos during Geoff's brother, Brent, trip to Gladstone on Wednesday 31st January 2007 ... NOTE - this was elsewhere on our web site ... now included in this Family History
CLICK HERE ... added three photos of the Church where they were married ... March 1943
CLICK HERE ... here is a copy of their Wedding Certificate ... Saturday 6th March 1943 ... NOTE - this was elsewhere on our web site ... now included in this Family History
CLICK HERE ... the Birth Notice for their first child, John Andrew Roneberg ... March 1945
CLICK HERE ... John Roneberg advertising for mechanics for his business ... January 1950
CLICK HERE ... court appearance and fined for trying to avoid the tax man !! ... August 1950
CLICK HERE ... Birth Notice for their fourth child, Brenton David Roneberg ... November 1950
CLICK HERE ... given 'great credit' for assisting with building the new School ... February 1952
CLICK HERE ... a very serious car accident involving all the family ... 23rd December 1952 ... NOTE - this was elsewhere on our web site ... now included in this Family History
CLICK HERE ... supporting the District and Bush Nursing Society ... July 1954
CLICK HERE ... an incident in Bishop Avenue ... "Girl Dies In Knife Fray" ... December 1969 ... NOTE - this was elsewhere on our web site ... now included in this Family History

EXTRA !! ... James and Louisa Meers' Great-Grand-Daughter
CLICK HERE ... Photo of Louisa, her son James and his Bride Margaret ... and there are notes and a photo from Bianca Rowland !! ... for future reference, this page is linked to Section #06 on the Main Index Page

QUESTION ... The Farm known as ... "Shannonside"
Can anyone help out with these newspaper articles ??
There are three notices below, referring to the farm known as 'Shannonside'
Does anyone know of this farm ??
And who is this particular "James John Meers" ??
If he is from "James + Judith", he would have been around one-hundred-and-ten years old when these notices were placed !!
And the James from "James + Louisa" did not die until 1967
And who might the "Mrs Mary Meers" that is mentioned be ?? ...... Daniel's wife maybe ??
Is this the same property sold by Daniel Meers' estate back in 1922 and listed above ??
I've got a blank spot ... just cannot work it out !!

From Geoff ... Friday 1st July 2011

Hi ya Gavin

... and thanks for all your compliments ... more please !!

That upload / update is done, and now gotta go search for more Family History stuff
Both 'Roneberg' and 'Meers' ... never ends !!

And hello to you, Judy

Must be at least eighty-three years since I've seen you !!

Yep, please do what Gavin says ... if you see anything that's not right, let me know
And if you've got any "treasures", I'd really like to have copies

Enjoy looking around ... might bring back a few memories for you !!

I think you know one of the people who received the original email ... Margaret McDonald

From Judy ... Sunday 3rd July 2011

Hi Geoff

I'm having major problems with the computer ... new one ... should be up and running next week

I have heard of 'Shannonside' from Mum and will let you know what I know

Kate and John Dann may also be helpful ... Auntie Mary's children


From Geoff ... Sunday 3rd July 2011

The hammer might make you feel better ... doesn't really help, though !!

Have you Kate and/or John's email addresses ??

Hear from you when the "New Machine" is doing what it should !!

From Judy ... Tuesday 12th July 2011

Hi Geoff

Just a quick note ... will write more after John goes on fishing trip Friday

Shannonside was where my Mum (Winnifred Meers) was born ... I have her birth certificate

From what I remember, the farm was inherited from Grandpa's Father, Daniel by James John Meers or possibly was actually left to Uncle Dan who was just a child but Grandpa "lost it" ... at the pub instead of working, etc

So the woman may have been Grandpa's mother and the James John, Grandpa

The address of the home in Hallett was Scrub Road
Go to Google Maps ... find the railway station with the red roof as you come into Hallett ... the railway line gone now ... go across the road, to the right, and you will see Uncle Jim's garage ... then go up a little and to the right and you will see the house ... the boundarys adjoined

Great job you are doing !!


From Geoff ... Wednesday 13th July 2011

THANKS for this !! ... good memory you got there !!

Got the Google Maps okay ... just can't locate the place from your description ... but will keep looking !!

Look forward to hearing from you during / after the weekend

And I would like a big heap of fish ....... with batter wrapped around it and, of course, chips !!

From Judy ... Wednesday 13th July 2011

Hi Geoff

You have gone too far into Hallett ... the house is actually out of town, on the way in from the south

Have attached some maps
The red rectangular roof to the left of the #32 is the train station
Travel along the road to the right the drive into Uncle Jim's the house
Further up the map, in line with the other #32, is the old house
When you locate it on Google Maps you will see where Uncle Jim's garage was on the upper left hand of the block

Please let me know if you need more help locating the houses ... good luck !!

I remember the Hotel well -

Uncle Bill used to deliver milk and eggs, carried in a wheat bag over his shoulder
It was a great treat to go with him and as you waited outside on one of the seats you were brought a lemonade
Bill was inside having a beer and you were always told ... "Dont tell Mum"

Did you go and stay there as a child or was it only John, Terry and me who had holidays there ??


From Geoff ... Thursday 14th July 2011

Hello again

I received the two "mht" files that you attached ... the maps of Hallett

I've no idea if you are a 'computer whiz' or not so I don't know if you realise this but when you use that file format to save a page that you have adjusted by zooming or searching, it will save the original page you looked at
And that's what happened here ... I received two identical pages with no zoom added like I guess I was supposed to get

Not to worry ... I have included another map below

Have you heard of "ScreenShots" ?? ... this allows you to capture a picture of what is being displayed on your monitor and it saves it in a simple image format like "jpg" or "gif"
That is what the map below is ... I use software from IRFANVIEW and you can check it out by clicking
HERE ... it is also free !!
'tis real simple to install and use .... if you decide to give it a go, let me know and I'll send you a copy of the settings I use, etc, etc

Now to the maps !!

Firstly, you are not allowed to be thinking that people who live in Cairns are pretty dumb !!
I still can't work it out though

On the map below I have made a note about the train station along with a few numbers near various places
Are any of these right, by chance ??
If not, they may help in you giving me a few more directions ... might have a Big Party up here when I eventually work it out !!

I don't remember the Hallett Hotel like you do

Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a picture of me playing / going into the cellars at the back of the Home and that are shown on
THIS page
I've no idea why ... it's just there ... must have been something to eat kept down there !!

However, I did have a 'holiday' in Hallett when I was a kid ... but, again, I have no idea why
I have a thought of a train trip all by myself and staying with Uncle Jim

I remember having to do the breakfast dishes and then the day was all for myself

Uncle Jim showed me how to load and use his .22 rifle and I used to wander around looking for rabbits ... or anything else that moved !!
Went through a lot of ammunition ... but never hit anything or brought home dinner !!
I clearly remember wandering through the paddocks and thinking about what the hell I'd do if some wild bull came charging over the hill
It was good fun playing at being "John Wayne" !!

I couldn't have been too old either

Another memory is going to bed one night and there was a spider up in the corner of the room ... in memory it is about a big as a dinner plate but in reality it was probably around an inch across !!
Uncle Jim said that's not gunna bother you ... but after he turned out the light, I laid there bug-eyed in the dark and thinking that monster was going to fall on my face !!
PS - it was gone in the morning !!

My Wish
How would it be if you could grab all the digital equipment we have these days ... and then jump on a time-machine and go back and record everything you saw !!
And to be able to sit down and talk to people ... 'hate' myself for not doing more of that when I was younger, even for my Dad and Mum ... what stories they could have told !! ... though at times I think there was quite a bit of 'secrecy' about 'things' in the family ... I just love a few good Family Skeletons !!

I'm going to try and finalise the Shannonside information as soon as I can, using the details that you sent and will send you a link when it's done

I am also thinking of making up a "Memory Page", which would include all the notes I receive from people like me, you, and anybody else who may think of something ... could end up being a terrific story

Nice talking to you ... regards ... Geoff


From Judy ... Thursday 14th July 2011

Brilliant !! ... Well done, Geoff !!

Yes, that is the railway station
#4 is Uncle Jim's
#3 is Nana and Grandpa's house
#1 is Uncle Jim's garage

And I am in computer kindy !! ... as is fairly obvious ... thanks for the tips

And thanks for the memories

John's mum is arriving in three hours so I must run


From Geoff ... Friday 15th July 2011

Aerial Views of Hallett South Australia

Showing all of the Meer's Family "Places - of - Interest"
Homes ...... Garage ...... Railway Station


Please send me any details and/or photos and/or information that could be included in this
"Beerworth / Meers Family History"

... and also ... please send this note on to anyone who you feel may be interested

From Judy Brookman ... Monday 25th June 2012

Hi Geoff

Spoke to Margaret Meers sometime ago ... she knows nothing about 'Shannonside'

Nana Meers most probably purchased Grandpa's house (bankrupt) with money from the Beerworth's
I don't know for sure, but Mum always referred to the Halley house as Mum's, and house in St Marys as Mum's even though Grandpa there
He always shared a bedroom with Bill for as long as I can remember

Kate Dann is on Facebook
She has a partner Ken Newton and has two daughters Rhiannon and Eloise ... Rhiannon has a son Miles
Phone 08 8381 4173
Address is 3 Calauria Cresent Trott Park South Australia 5158
Kate may have some family knowledge as she was aware of your Dad's previous marriage ... I wasn't

John Dann is divorced has one son Stuart
Phone 08 8322 5089
Address is 7 Balee Avenue Sheidow Park South Australia 5158

I don't know either email addresses


From Geoff ... Thursday 28th June 2012

Hi Judy ... and to you too, Margaret

This Family History research takes time ... lots and lots of time !!
I have recently been working on Sharon's side of the family ... have had a lot of success and have been able to trace her Dad's ancestors (Coudrey) all the way back to the early 1500's !! ... have a look - HERE

Now it's back to The Roneberg and Meers Histories for the next few months

#01 - Shannonside
Just below there are a couple of articles from The Burra Record ... dated 2nd March 1927
I reckon that these "confirm" that the farm was definately known by that name ... and do you agree with that assumption ??
Naturally I don't like to upload anything unless I am almost 100% sure it is correct !!

#02 - Nana and Grandpa Meers
I am not sure what your note above means and would you mind explaining it a little bit more for me
I guess "Halley" is meant to be "Hallett"

#03 - John and Kate Dann
I have left a message for Kate on her Facebook Page ... sometimes these are missed, and if I don't hear back from her, I will give a ring over the weekend
I'll also give John a call

#04 - Upcoming Research
Daniel and Mary Meers (nee McCabe) ... see Section #07 on THIS page
Starting now, I am going to try to finalise the details on this couple

BUT ... I also want to discover more information on their parents as below
James and Judith Meers (nee ???) ... see Section #10 on THIS page
John and Ellen McCabe (nee Frost) ... see Section #09 on THIS page

Have you any information and details that may help ??

#05 - Photos and Certificates
Hey, do you have any 'old' photos of our Family ?? .... or any birth, wedding or death certificates ??
I would really appreciate a copy of anything you may have ... anything at all !!

I have no idea how computer-savy you are, but if you scan anything, would you do it at a minimum of 600dpi as this makes an image that is perfect to be uploaded to the internet ... the files are a bit big when sending attached to an email, but that does not really matter at all
As an alternative, you could send everything up to here via registered post and I would do the scans and return it to you ... guaranteed !!

That's about it for now ... and here are the Shannonside articles mentioned above ... bye, Geoff