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Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Father (Coudrey)

Ronald Hill Coudrey

born 4th May 1915----------died 12th November 1989


Sunday School Anniversary

Semaphore Baptist Church ... and the photo is marked 1958


A note from Erina ... Friday 28th September 2010
This Church photo has several Huttons and Coudreys scattered around

A note from Sharon ... Monday 31st January 2011
Here are some 'faces-and-names' that I can remember ... hope I got them right
Enlargement of the Left Hand Side
------front row / girl holding leg - Jillian Weil
------second row / on left end - Phillip Carson
------third row / boy with hand near mouth - John Carson
------the man sitting on the far left behind the flowers - Minister Rev Brigade
------is the gentleman with white hair, a striped suit and front/right of the bald man - Grandpa Matheson ?
------looking at a photo of him that we have I think his hair was more silvery ?
Enlargement of the Centre Section
------front row / girl with arms out - Erina Hutton, I think
------third row from front / second in from right / the girl with the big bow - Me, Sharon, I think
------back row / left to right - Deane Hutton and Knowlton Coudrey
------third row down / far right - Laurence Coudrey
------fourth row down / second in from right - Rex Hutton
------in front of the organ / tall girl - Lesley Coudrey
------conductor - Ronald Coudrey
Enlargement of the Right Hand Side
------I don't remember anyone here

A note from Sharon ... Friday 18th February 2011
I do like the Sunday School Anniversary photo !!

A note from Erina ... Sunday 20th February 2011
Mostly right, Sharon
But in the pulpit, Rev Breguet, pronounced Brigay, and Cecil Johnston, a visiting preacher from the USA sitting with him ... not Grandpa
Yes, it was me with the arms out and trying to fly !!
On the right the lady with large white collar is Kay Wallace
The Sunday School Anniversaries were the highlight of the year for most of us

A note from Fiona ... Monday 21st February 2011
Any chance the lady sitting where Erina's right hand is could be Aunty Jessie ?
Or was she playing the organ ?
Also the man standing a few rows behind her and directly below the lady with the itchy nose
Is that Coralie's father ? ... can't remember the name

A note from Sharon ... Monday 21st February 2011
It does look like Aunty Jessie
What do you think, Denny ... is it your Mum ?
That man is Coralie's father, Fiona
His name is Peter Hill, then Robert Wight, then somebody, then Jim Thompson
Those names just came to me in a flash !! ... are they correct ?

A note from Lesley ... Tuesday 22nd February 2011
Here we go
Kindergarten Picture
Kath McNicol ? (not sure but it does look like her) - John Carson - Stephen Keeler - Phillip Roberts
Philip Carson - Colleen Clerke - Barbara Hills and mother Margaret Hills
Pam Harry - ? - Jillian Weil
Donald Thomson just below Deane Hutton
Fourth row of boys - Bob Haines
Sixth row of boys - Barry Thomson - ? - Ken Hall
Peter Hills - Graham Wight - Fred Knight - Jim Thomson - Ian Backler with violin - Donald Adams behind him - Me - Beverley Tunks
Audrey Clough with kid asleep
And also in Kindergarten is Jocelyn Fricker - in front of her Judy Wallace - and in front of her Joan Williams
Robert Wight is playing the Piano
Is it Peter Keyte next to Rex and Lyn in the middle of the back row of girls ?
Second row from top - ? - Kathryn Fricker - Pauline Wallace
The girl with long dark hair and light frock is Margaret McNicol - next to her are Anne Wight and Denny Stapledon
Marian Grant - Barbara Tuncks - Shirley Williams ? - Lyn Wallace
Primary Section
Elaine Padley
Julie Duke - Stephen Keeler’s sister - and I think Margaret Roberts
With Kaye Wallace
I don’t recognise any of the Primary Boys and Clive and Deane would know a lot more of these
Good Luck ... Lesley

A note from Erina ... Monday 28th February 2011
Good memory, Lesley
Looks like Faye Roberts on left near microphone ?
And it could be Peter and Lyn as you said

A note from Denny and Rex ... Monday 11th April 2011
Hi Sharon and Geoff
Sorry this has been so long in coming, but have had a busy time lately
New granddaughter, Tiana Hayley (Lisa and Matt) ... holiday in Bali with eighteen people including Knowlton ... and have bought ourselves a caravan and been on a few short trips
May be up your way at some stage ... will let you know if and when this happens
Regarding the Semaphore Baptist Church photo, it is a Sunday School Anniversary and I have a few names you may not have
The girls next to the organ in the right of the photo are:-
Top row - ? - ? - ? - ? - Dianne Thomson on the far right
Second row - ? - Katherine Fricker - Pauline Wallis - Pam Martin - ?
Third row - ? - Jennifer Nilsen - Elaine Lambert - Janet McNicol
Fourth row - Christine Martin - ? - Gloria Oliffe - ?
Fifth row - Lila Merrifield - Denny Stapledon - Anne Wight - Margaret McNicol
Sixth row - Judith Downie - ? - Dianne Appelkamp - ?
Seventh row - ? - Lynn Wallace - Shirley Williams - Barbara Tuncks - Marion Grant
I don't know any of the little ones in the front, but teacher half hidden is Elaine Padley and Kay Wallace is the teacher with the white collar
The boys to the left:-
The row above Rex, over his right shoulder is Donald Thomson
Seventh row - Barry Thomson - Graham Box - Ken Hall
The row above between Graham and Ken is James Ranford
Eighth row - far left is Peter Hills - Graham Wight - Fred Knight - Jim Thomson - half hidden is Donald Adams - Ian Backler with violin - Lesley - Beverley Tuncks
Lady with itchy nose is Audrey Adams
Teacher between Jim Thomson and Fred Knight (in front) is Joslin Fricker
Teacher next to Sharon is Judy Wallis
Next row down - Teachers - Jess Stapledon - Joan Williams with Erina right in front
On Mum's far right the teacher is Fay Roberts and the other teacher turning her head is Margaret Hills
The Pianist is Robert Wight
Hope this all makes sense to you !!
All the best ... Denny and Rex

A note from Sharon ... Sunday 24th April 2011
Hey Denny and Rex
Good job with the names, especially the girls on the right hand side
I recognised a lot of the names but not the faces until I matched them with your list
It's nice that we have all put our bit in to try to make the page complete
Lots of fun to look at and remember !!


The photo as sent by Erina ... and there are cropped and enlarged versions below


Below is the cropped version


Enlargement of the left hand side ...

... and the centre ...

... and the right hand side