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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Grand-Parents (Meers)

James John Meers
son of Daniel and Mary

Born - 27th October 1881
Died - 4th December 1967

Louisa Mary Meers (nee Beerworth)
daughter of William and Mary

Born - 1883
Died - 12th January 1976


Note from Geoff ... Sunday 10th July 2011

There are a number of "In-The-Years-Gone-By" photos of Hallett on THIS page

Yesterday I received this email from Margaret McDonald
the daughter of James and Louisa's son Daniel Joseph and Kathleen Mary Meers (nee Victory)

"Looking at the Library photo of the two homes in Hallett, the closer one looks very like the one
Nanna, Uncle Jim and then his wife Margaret and their son Andrew lived in -- opposite the railway station"

!!--The photo is below ...... What a Great Discovery ...... Thanks, Margaret--!!