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Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Father (Coudrey)

Ronald Hill Coudrey
born 4th May 1915----------died 12th November 1989


Around 1945

Sergeant Ronald Coudrey holding Lesley, with Uncle Joe and Molly


A note from Lesley ... Tuesday 7th September 2010

September Birthdays

This photo was taken because Uncle Joe’s birthday was on the 17th September
and Molly and Lesley were both born on the 16th September

"Uncle Joe"

Uncle Joe (Joseph Edward) was the brother of our Coudrey grandfather (Charles Ephraim)
so he should be a Grand-Uncle, but I don’t think we have them
We only ever called him ‘Uncle Joe’ because that is what Dad called him


Molly Coudrey is one of our Coudrey first cousins
She is Uncle Stan Coudrey’s daughter and is ten or eleven years older than me
Her married name is Gore
And that sets off another branch of researching because Eirona married the grandson of a Gore !!

I have just rang Aunty Norma to confirm all these notes


NOTE - as this photo is a bit faded, it has been uploaded in three variations
so look at the one that best suits your eyesight !!