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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)


Joseph William Coudrey
died 31st December 1908 aged 65 years
Emily Louisa Coudrey (nee Hill)
died 6th May 1916 aged 71 years


A note from Geoff ... August 2010 ... Page Three

By now you would have read the information on THIS page detailing the involvement of Joseph and his Family within the Parkside Baptist Church

Once again, the information below was sent to me by
Pat Perry who is a Researcher with the Church, and Pat was also 'introduced' on that page

Before continuing, please note the following:-

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-----#02 - also included is a note from Pat with a few 'memories' from other Church members


-----#03 - there is also a copy of a note from Sharon to Pat, thanking her for everything she did for us and for what she sent to us




An email from Pat Perry ... Tuesday 17th August 2010

Dear Geoff

Last Thursday we had a gathering of my mother's cousin's and some of their children

I asked Ron Thorpe, the 98 year old who attended Parkside Baptist Church, what he could remember about the Coudrey family
His grandparents were also founding members of the Church

He said Charlie Coudrey did oil paintings
At a Church Fete Ron bought one of Charlie's paintings of a scene with pine trees for seven shillings and six pence and gave it to his mother
It was hung above the fire place in the Thorpe family home
When the family home was broken up after his mother died, Ron had the painting but he doesn't know what happened to it
He said it was cracking and not wearing well

Ron also mentioned that Charlie Coudrey sufferred from arthritis

Ron was assistant organist to Gertie Coudrey
He told me he saw a photograph on display when he attended the Open Day for the Church Rebuilding
It was of him and Gertie sitting at the organ during a Sunday School Anniversay

Gertie practised every Thursday and marked with a dot above a note where she was to pull out a stop
I remember seeing Gertie going off every Sunday morning, rain or shine, walking to church under her umbrella

With this information I went to the Church yesterday morning to go through more of the records
I found the photograph Ron mentioned
I bought home the 1932 Sunday School Anniversary photograph with Ron and Gerdy at the organ

Plus I found a portrait of Gerdy and also one of the Cricket Team with Joseph Edward Coudrey

I also found a Certificate of Title for the Church Property
'CT 1259 162' mentions that Joseph Edward Coudrey, of Adelaide, Chemist, was one of the Church Trustees in 1922 when the new Certificate of Title was issued

I hope this helps build up the picture of the Coudrey family

Best wishes ... Pat Perry

An email from Sharon to Pat Perry ... Tuesday 24th August 2010

Hi Pat

I can't tell you how pleased I am that Geoff contacted you and how much information you were able to provide

Geoff does so much work on our website ... most of it unbeknownst to me until it is all completed !!
He then sends me an email with all the links and I can look through everything

The Coudrey pages with all the information on Joseph and Emily Coudrey, Dora Coudrey and their involvement with the Parkside Baptist Church was a huge surprise and I was thrilled to bits

Reading all the documents you provided was so interesting and the photos of the Window and Plaques and the Sunday School Anniversary were fantastic

We used to have Sunday School Anniversaries at Semaphore Baptist Church and my Dad was the conductor for as long as I can remember
I loved them !!

I notice during the Jubilee Celebrations there was a reception for Rev and Mrs Cecil Johnson
I have a book they gave to my sister and me with their greetings written on the inside cover

Joseph and Emily were my Great Grandparents and Dora was my Great Aunty Gertie
While going through some of the 'stuff' I have kept over the years, I found an autograph book Aunty Gertie gave me for my birthday one year

I love that house in Stamford Street
When I was little I remember feeling sorry for Aunty Gertie because she did not have a front yard !!

There was an organ inside that house too and when Aunty Gertie died I think it was left to my Dad who would have loved it in our house but it was too big so it went to the Rosewater Methodist Church

It was wonderful you could speak with Ron Thorpe
He was right, Charles (my Grandfather) did paint and I have one of his paintings in our home
I found two paintings that he painted in one of the rooms at the Semaphore Baptist Church
I asked my Dad to ask the Minister if I could have them and the Minister said yes
They did not wear too well but I was able to treat them and they will not get any worse
He was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and I have a photo of him sitting in a garden painting and you can see his poor hands

It seems it is only as we get older that we become interested in our past and then we have to work fast to find what we can and preserve it
Geoff was lucky your Pastor put us onto you ... we are so thankful for all you have done

I do hope you are able to see and enjoy the pages on our site

Best wishes to you ... Sharon


1932 Sunday School Anniversary

Below is an enlargement of the left side of the photo ...

... and here is the right side enlarged

Dora Gertrude Coudrey and Ron Thorpe at the Organ


Dora Gertrude Coudrey


Joseph Edward Coudrey

Below is an enlargement of the left side of the photo ...

... and here is the right side enlarged


Joseph Edward Coudrey