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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Coudrey)


Joseph William Coudrey
died 31st December 1908 aged 65 years
Emily Louisa Coudrey (nee Hill)
died 6th May 1916 aged 71 years

They raised four children

Jessie Florence
born in 1866 - died 27th October 1930
Joseph Edward
born 17th September 1867 - died 17th August 1952
Charles Ephraim
born 10th January 1872 - died 10th February 1936
Dora Gertrude
born 23rd July 1885 - died 23rd March 1969


A note from Geoff ... August 2010 ... Page One

As you have read, Joseph and his Family were very involved with the Parkside Baptist Church, going back to its initial establishment

Knowing this, I wrote to the Church looking for further information including photos and records that mention the Coudrey Family
My note was answered by the present Pastor, David Smith, who offered to pass my request on to a Church Member
This was
Patricia (Pat) Perry and here is her initial contact ...

Dear Geoff
My name is Pat Perry
Pastor David Smith sent me your emails regarding Mr Coudrey
As an exercise when major renovations and extensions were done in 2006,
I researched the history of the building and alterations done to the Church since it was built in 1880
So I know the name of Coudrey well
I live opposite the house in Stamford Street where the family lived for many years
after they moved from Young Street where the first Parkside Baptist Church services were held
I remember Miss Coudrey and her brother
He kept the tea leaves packets for me to draw on when I was quite small

This was terrific ... being in contact with someone who knew the Family !!

Following this initial contact, Pat searched all the old Church Records and copied all the references to the Coudrey Family
Plus she scanned lots of documents and took photos in and around the Church

All of the information below is from Pat, plus there are other pages that include information she got together for us ... fantastic !!



After reading the information below, here are a few links you might like to look at

newspaper article published following
the Dedication of the Memorial Windows
read about the building and installation
of the Coudrey Memorial Pipe Organ
newspaper article published following
the Opening Grand Recital of the Organ




First Minutes Book 1880 - 1883
At the close of 1879 Mr J W Coudrey of Parkside directed the attention of the South Australian Baptist Association to the neighbourhood of Parkside and in March 1880 a sub committee was formed
Rev Samuel Fairey of Gawler to become the Minister of the new cause

Land purchased at Parkside for £263

3rd June 1880

Contract signed for erection of chapel and vestry at a cost of £1450-12-0

5th September 1880
Vestry used for worship
'Crowded to its utmost capacity morning and evening'

6th September 1880
Memorial stone in new building was laid by Mr C H Goode of Adelaide
Public tea and meeting followed at which there were large attendances

Seven weeks after commencement

Twenty eight Christian friends resident in neighbourhood desire to form Christian church

Miss E Alymore from Gawler Baptist
Mr & Mrs Joseph Carr from North Adelaide Baptist
Mr & Mrs Clark from Mitcham Baptist
Mr & Mrs and Messrs Coudrey Walsall England Baptist
Mrs Cranna from Semaphore Baptist
Mr Geo Duke Lion Chapel Adelaide
Mrs G Duke from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr R Edwards from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr & Mrs S Fairey from Gawler Baptist
Miss Annie Hill from Walsall England Baptist
Miss Kate Hill from Walsall, England Baptist
Miss H Lucy from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr & Mrs A McMillan from Jamestown Baptist
Mr & Mrs John McMillan from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr Nesbitt from Albert Street Church Mitcham
Mr & Mrs C Thomas from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr & Mrs E Thorpe from Flinders Street Baptist
Mr & Mrs Webber from Flinders Street Baptist

27th October 1880
Rev Fairley accepted position as Pastor
Mr J W Coudrey as Secretary
Mr Anthony McMillan as Treasurer
Eighty five scholars and ten teachers in Sunday School
Official Opening Services to be first two Sundays in December 1880

Mr and Mrs J W Coudrey’s home at 46 Young Street Parkside Adelaide South Australia
and this is where Services were first conducted, starting during August 1880

26th January 1881
Services were first conducted in the home of Mr J W Coudrey, Young Street, on the first Sunday in August 1880
A month later the vestry at the rear of the Church was completed, and services were held there until the Church was opened for worship on 5th December 1880
In nine months and five days from time of the meeting of the first committee, the Parkside Baptist Church was formed, regular services established, and the beautiful building in which we now worship was completed and opened for worship
From the Jubilee Souvenir Booklet 1930

22nd June 1881
New organ required as Mr Melvin would require his organ back
Mr Coudrey Treasurer for the Organ Fund

17th August 1881
Mr Coudrey has offered the loan of his organ

'Work in the cause of Christ had been commenced in the first week of September 1880 at Parkside and that this would consequently be the last church meeting in the twelve months'

14th June 1882
Move to form Glen Osmond Baptist Church
Letter dated 5th July 1882 sent to England by Mr J W Coudrey
'The work at the chapel grows so fast we can hardly keep up with it ... Our Temperance Society has filled the room, and the Pastor's Bible Class has reached fifty six ... Our chapel, which was thought to be big enough for several years, is always full to the doors every Sunday night'
From the Jubilee Souvenir Booklet 1930

19th August 1890
Mr Coudrey resigned as Organist and Choir Master
Mr Coudrey resigned as Treasurer
Letter of thanks to Mr Coudrey for ten years service
End Book 2

Officers Meetings 1890 - 1904

3rd December 1890

Mr Coudrey nominated as organist for elections (possibly C E Coudrey son of J W Coudrey)

27th June 1893
Mr J W Coudrey resigned as Organist due to ill health

30th June 1896
Resignation of Mr Charles Ephraim Coudrey as moving to Broken Hill



The Coudrey Family Home


6 Stamford Street Parkside
Adelaide South Australia

31st December 1908
Death of Mr J W Coudrey

3rd February 1909
Donation of £100 toward Organ Fund from Kate Hill, the sister-in-law of J W Coudrey


Memorial Window




27th October 1909
Finance Committee
Money in hand for Memorial Window to Mr J W Coudrey also money toward Window to Anthony McMillan as Superintendent of the Sunday School in the early days

24th November 1909
Finance Committee
Memorial Windows should be protected by wirework
Mr Saunders with power to act

24th November 1909
Finance Committee
Memorial Windows in place by first Sunday of December and Miss Gertrude Coudrey would unveil the one in memory of her father and arrangements in progress to enable Mrs McMillan to unveil the one in memory of her late husband

Special Church Service about 1909, possibly Harvest Festival or Church Anniversary
Decorations in hands of P Thorpe and Mr Salfinger
note - pulpit in front of central door, baptistery fence, gas lights, ornate arch and chairs instead of pews

12th February 1912
Organ Committee
Order for organ needed to be in by May for completion by December

2nd April 1912
Organ Committee
Organ to be placed in centre of church on platform at present occupied by preacher and that such alterations be effected as the experience of the builder would advise

31st April 1912
Organ Committee reported following resolution was carried unanimously
'That the organ be placed in the centre of the church on platform at present occupied by preacher and that each alteration be carried out as the experience of the organ builder would advise'
Officers resolved permission be granted providing 'sufficient money be reserved out of the proposed total expenditure to cover all necessary alterations to platform, baptistery etc'

14th May 1912
Organ Committee
Interview Mr Dodd and request him to prepare specifications of a Canopy Organ not to exceed £300

28th May 1912
Organ Committee
Lowest possible price for organ was £375
Mr Dodd has sketched position of organ on present platform

29th May 1912
Plans and specification of the Memorial Organ had been received and accepted by the committee
The price of the instrument had exceeded the expectations but promises to cover extra received

16th July 1912
Special combined meeting of Organ Committee and Officers
Plans submitted by Mr J W Smeaton and Estimates by Mr Sanders for renovations needed to install organ
After lengthy discussion following resolution moved
'Subject to slight alterations namely construction of baptistery running east west instead of north south, the installation of a movable rostrum as per Mr Sanders suggestion instead of fixed pulpit, and any other alterations which may be deemed necessary, the plan suggested by Mr Smeaton be adopted

20th August 1912
Organ Committee
Mr A H Sanders submitted splendidly drawn plan to scale of proposed alterations to baptistery, choir platform and pulpit

24th September 1912
Introduction of Baptist Hymnal with the introduction of the new organ

2nd October 1912
Plans of proposed alterations in connection with pipe organ, pulpit, baptistery and choir platform were placed on table
Unanimously adopted

10th December 1912
Organ Committee
Organ builder having labour problems
Deadline for completion put back to January

very difficult to photograph due to the amount of light reflection within the Church

Memorial Plaque attached to the Organ

14th January 1913
Organ Committee
Organ be concealed from public view on Sunday 19th January
A small silver plate to be affixed to organ indicating that it was a Memorial to the late Mr J W Coudrey

Wednesday 22nd January 1913
Souvenir Programme of Opening of the Coudrey Memorial Pipe Organ

25th February 1913
Mr Chittleborough appointed organist at £25 per annum
Mr Geo Bradley appointed blower at 2/6 per week ... he wanted to do it for nothing and did

25th March 1913
Old church reed organ to be sold with a reserve of £15
It originally cost £40
From the Jubilee Souvenir Booklet 1930

29th June 1916
Small portion of Coudrey Memorial Window removed to place Mrs Coudrey’s name on it

24th February 1919
Committee to determine the form of a Memorial to our Soldiers
Not to exceed £25

Church before porch was altered to make Soldier's Memorial Porch - circa 1920
B4376 Parkside Photographic Collection SLSA

31st July 1923
Miss Coudrey appointed Organist

The Organ Keys and Stops

2nd August 1927
Miss G Coudrey requested soft stops for the organ
Approved Mr J E Dodd’s quote of £63

7th February 1961
Miss Coudrey resigned as Organist
Appointed Honorary Life Organist
(still playing 1964)

A Plaque on the Organ Seat in Memory of Miss D G Coudrey

15th April 1969
Miss Dora Gertrude Coudrey died 23rd March 1969
Organist for about fourty five years