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Tanya and Brett's ... Grand-Parents (Coudrey)

Ronald Hill Coudrey and Laurel Margaret Coudrey (nee Knowles)


Semaphore Baptist Church ... Adelaide South Australia

Junior Christian Endeavour ... May 1924


A note from Lesley ... Thursday 17th August 2010

By the look of the 'white flowers', this could have been taken on Mother's Day

Dad is below the boy with his hand in the air

Audrey is second from left in the front row

I'm not sure if it is Mother just behind the little girl in black in the front row

Mother would be seven and Dad and Audrey both nine years old in 1924

A note from Sharon ... Thursday 17th August 2010

At last !! ... I was so thrilled to see a photo of Dad when he was a little boy

And I think I see a bit of me in that photo too
I can't say that too often about me looking like anyone in the family !!

I think you are right Lesley
I am sure that is Mother next to the girl in black whose hat slipped or she turned her head

And is that Humphrey Wight / Whight / White on the far right on the right of the tall guy ?

NOTE - there are "section enlargements" of this photo further below


Enlargement of the left side of the photo ...

... and the right side