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"Old River Red Gum"

by Ronald Coudrey ...1988


Correspondence with the Owner

Friday 11th September 2009

Hi, and I was looking for information on Ronald Coudrey and came across your website
We have a book of twenty-two limited edition prints entitled "Pen, Brush and Pencil"
It is dated 1975, and is signed by Ronald and it is No 669 of a limited edition run of 2001
We also have a watercolour entitled "Old River Red Gum" painted in 1988
Are you interested in purchasing either item to add to your collection?
Regards ... (name removed) Whyalla South Australia


Hello to you and thanks for your note
As you may have read on the website, my Darling Wife, Sharon, is Ronald's daughter ... if you did not see the page, have a look HERE
As well as the "Family Gifts" from him during her younger years, Sharon and I have bought and collected books and paintings that we saw advertised for sale or auction
In respect to the "Pen, Brush and Pencil" book, we have seven copies of that ... and we have had two of these professionaly covered in leather ... and they look fantastic !
With the others, we might have the individual pictures framed and these should look great hanging on display around our home
So at this stage, I will say 'no' to that
The picture is interesting ...... and I have a few requests
Would you mind snapping a few digital photos of this, including shots of the 'label / details' that he normally put on the back ?
What are the measurements ?
Also, Ronald used both perspex and glass on his paintings ... could you let me know about this one ?
We have had two ruined when the glass broke in the post and the pieces scratched and cut the painting !
And finally, what price would you be looking at ... and would you mind checking with the Post Office about the charges to send it up here to Cairns with the necessary insurance
Really appreciate you contacting us about these
Regards ...... Geoff


Hello, and we haven't yet worked out how much it is worth, and whether it is perspex or glass
However, here is some details and there are photos attached
The Post Office would charge about $100.00 for freight, but can't insure against breakage, but my husband is willing to make an mdf packing case
The size of the painting is approx 53cm x 32cm, and frame size is 72cm x 52cm
The painting cost us $550.00 back in 1988 in Alice Springs, and we still have the original receipt
How much do you think it might be valued at?


Hi again ... and thanks for all this info and the great photos
The frame and painting look to be in perfect condition !
Ron Coudrey died during 1989
Naturally, Sharon and her brothers and sisters each have a few of his paintings and these would never be parted with !
We are also keen to add to our collection of his Books and Paintings
As a matter of interest, if you click HERE and scroll down the page, you will see a few articles on Ron and his paintings ... and if you click HERE you will see some of our collection in both oils and water colours
Now, to his kids, Ron was a Great Painter ... in the category with Leonardo de Vinci and that his work should and deserves to increase in value over the years ... but the reality is not quite like that !!
----------CLICK HERE ... an auction during 2006 and the painting sold for $100.00
----------CLICK HERE ... an Ebay Auction for a painting similar to yours and this sold for just $51.99 !
That leaves me not knowing what to do in respect of how much to offer you ... so I am going to pass it back to you !
We really appreciate that you would make a "safe" packing case ... terrific !
Bearing in mind that this would cost both time and money, and that the Post Office fees would be around $100.00, please let us know what you would like then for the painting
We are very keen to get it into our collection ... but we also have to be "sorta realistic" on what we can and cannot afford
Regards ...... Geoff


Thanks for the information
We have decided that we will go with an Art Auction House in Adelaide

Friday 5th February 2010

Hi again
It is absolutely none of my business and I would understand if you wrote back and said ... "butt out" and "go away"
But I gotta ask !
Back in October 2009, you said that you would be putting this painting into an Auction
Did it sell ? ...... and at what price ?
Just interested ... family and all, etc, etc
Regards ...... Geoff


Hi Geoff
We haven't got around to that stage yet
Might keep it yet as is such a peaceful scene


Yes, it is nice, isn't it
Thanks for the update
Regards ...... Geoff


... and here is the Painting