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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Bierwierth)

Julius Bierwierth

Born - 2nd March 1819 in Northeim Germany
Died - 2nd January 1853 in Mittleschulenberg Germany

Antoinette Louise Bierwierth
maiden name
Antoinette Louise Auguste Henriette Knorr

Born - unknown
Died - 16th October 1860 in Adelaide South Australia


Information from the ... "First Families 2001 Program"

and there is further information about this Program below

Note from Geoff ... Sunday 17th October 2010

From the records I already have, there appears to be a mistake in the information below

The given name of the Bierwierth who married Antoinette Louise Auguste Henriette Knorr is Julius
and Freidrich Otto Bierwierth was his father ... and Freidrich had married Caroline Kiene

Also the Emigration List shows Antoinette's surname being spelt as Knorr and not Knoor

Which is right ?? ... well, I have no idea and will wait for more records to appear !!



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