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"Country Road - Parndana"

by Ronald Coudrey ...1987


Details of the Ebay Auction

Country Road - Pandana - 1987
Original water colour painting by Ronald Coudrey
A beautiful and well executed painting of gums and water
It is nicely framed and is under glass
(it could be perspex, I am not sure)
This item is in excellant condition
It measures 54cm by 44cm

Item location - Adelaide South Australia
This auction ended on Tuesday 3rd February 2009
The starting price was set at $19.99 and there were two bids during the auction

You will find out the Auction Result at the bottom of this page


Correspondence with the Seller

A question I sent to the seller during the auction
I purposely did not mention that Sharon is the Artist's Daughter

Hi, and I would like to bid on this item ... however I do have a question about delivery
We are from Adelaide, but now my wife and I live in Cairns North Queensland but still have relatives living in and around The City of Churches
Should we win the auction, could this painting be collected from your home by her sister ?
Every now and again Sharon makes a trip to Adelaide and she would then bring it back with her rather than "trust" the Postal System with a 54cmx44cm sheet of glass !
You mention in the item description that it could be perspex, which would be okay to post
Are you able to confirm this, and could you give some idea of the post and insurance charges to have it sent to postcode 4879 ?
Thanks for your time ...... Regards, Geoff

Reply from the Seller

Thanks for your question
Pickup will be okay so long as it is within or week of the auction finishing
I would prefer cash payment with pickup, or we can discuss alternatives ... I'm at Christies Beach 5165
I'm almost sure it is perspex
You can use the inserted calculator to check the postage costs
It is coming up at $20.45 plus $2.75 for registered post
Regards ...... Rosie

Follow up note to the Seller

Hi Rosie, and I have just placed my bid on this painting !!
GLASS OR PERSPEX - I guess if it is glass the painting would be a lot heavier than if it is perspex
PICK UP OR POST - would prefer to have it posted, because Sharon may not make a trip to Adelaide for another six or twelve months and that is a long time to wait before we could hang the painting in our home !!
POSTAGE COSTS - I am a blind old bat 'cause I did not notice the postage calculator until I read your note !! - your figures are right, and if we do win the auction, we will not mind paying a bit extra to have it packed securely for the trip up here to Cairns
So I guess that's about it for now and I will make the final arrangements if we are the winners
Have a nice day down there at Christies Beach
Regards ...... Geoff


What is the Place Name ??

The seller writes it as "PANDANA" in her item description
On the back of the painting, and written by Sharon's Dad, it is "PARDANA"

Neither of those places are listed in the Australia Post Postcode Search

But there is a place by the name of "PARNDANA" ... postcode 5220
This is on Kangaroo Island in South Australia

So I'm guessing that is the answer !!



Parndana and Heartland

Parndana, the 'Place of Little Gums' is the hub for the heartland of Kangaroo Island
Centrally located, it provides convenient access to the north and south coasts, Seal Bay and Flinders Chase National Park
Parndana was established in 1951 to service the booming farming community of the time
The Soldier Settlement Scheme, which began in 1948, almost doubled the area of agricultural land on the Island
The Soldier Settlement Museum, located in the old RSL Hall, provides a historical display of the early years of the development of the island's heartland by returned soldiers
Often described as a typical Australian country town, Parndana has a small shopping centre and bakery, churches, a newly renovated community hotel and the museum
Take time to look around the area, as it is an ideal habitat for native flora and fauna
Wildlife can often be seen on road verges and, in late winter and spring, they are covered with wildflowers
In summer the flowering gums are spectacular
By arrangement, the Community Hotel offers evening koala tours by foot
Local facilities include barbecue and playground


Centrally located on Kangaroo Island, Parndana is a hub that provides access to the north and south coasts of the island, Seal Bay and Flinders Chase National Park
Often described as a typical Australian country town, wildlife can often be seen on road verges and, in late winter and spring, the verges are covered with wildflowers
The Soldier Settlement Museum is also here, with a historical display of the early years of the development of the island's heartland by returned soldiers
Parndana was the town centre for the Soldier Settlement Scheme, which commenced in 1948 when the country was cleared for rural purposes
The town has a small shopping centre and bakery, churches and Wilderness Tours conduct Koala Tours at night
Parndana is on the Playford Highway, fourty kilometres from Kingscote
The Spinners and Weavers Guild conduct a wool spinning demonstration and sell hand spun knitwear each Thursday afternoon



Back on Monday 26th January I placed a maximum bid of $30.00 on this painting
At that stage I was the only bidder so the price was $19.99 as shown above
I was winning with still $10.01 in bids to spare
This auction ended at around 9.00pm last night, Tuesday 3rd February 2009
I thought about it and decided to increase my maximum bid to $51.50
Again I was still the only bidder and still winning at $19.99, and now had $31.51 to spare
I 'guessed' that may be enough ... and went off to bed
Got up this morning and checked ... LOST
!! ... OUTBID !! ... could not believe it !!
There was another bidder, and the painting sold for $51.99
I should have bid a hundred bucks or more
!! ... and I will the next time !!
So, who was the winner
An unknown
?? ... or was it one of Sharon's brothers or sisters ??
I contacted all of the family members ... none of them was the winning bidder
so it was someone who just simply liked the painting ... which is nice to know