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Oil Painting by Sharon's Grandfather ... CHARLES EPHRAIM COUDREY
-----------------------------------------in 1935

A note from Sharon

When I was about 14 or 15 I found out that two paintings hanging on the wall of the Sunday School rooms under the Semaphore Baptist Church were painted by my Grandfather
I thought they should be in the Family so I asked Dad to ask the Minister if we could have them
...... and he said yes

I have always liked them and had them hanging on my wall at our house in Greenhill Adelaide

My Dad said that his Father had bad rheumatoid arthritis and used to paint pictures from the top of Chocolate Boxes
He also said his Father's paintings weren't always correct in perspective and that he hadn't learned to draw properly !!
I liked them anyway

I had both of them for a few years and then Mother said I should give one to Fiona ... so I not very graciously did !!

As you can see from the close up shot below the painting has lots of cracking
I took the advice of an art framer here in Cairns and sprayed it with White Knight Crystal Clear Acrylic Gloss to prevent further deterioration
This was done on the 1st April 2004, and it brightened it up considerably and I am relieved it will not get worse

As you can see, it looks perfect in our lounge
Even though I never met my Grandfather it means a lot to me that I have one of his paintings



The painting is signed in the bottom right-hand corner