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Geoff - 2009




Valentine's Day - Saturday 14th February 2009
A note ... with a question ... from Sharon - and I haven't answered yet!!

Desperately needs a haircut and a shave!! - three photos - Saturday 14th February 2009


--and it is #60 !! - Friday 3rd April 2009
The page includes a "poem-with-photos" from Sharon - and presents from Tanya and Brett and Anne Kippin ... which are all great eating!! - plus an 'extra-special' video present from Sharon!!
--"Happy Birthday, Dad" and "Thank You for The Baseball, Dad and Mum" - Monday 6th April 2009
A gift from Brett - which is an LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D!! - and the page includes all the details and lots of photos


Geoff ... and is he just dopey?? ... or drunk?? - four variations of the same photo - Sunday 19th April 2009

The Singing Horses - and it is a great Choir!! - just something to have a bit of fun with!! - uploaded on Thursday 11th June 2009

"Geoff" + "Being and Idiot" = "Heart Attack" !! - and the page includes the story and a couple of photos - November 2009