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Sunday 6th April 2008

Check out the
Staining under the Glaze
section below



Monday 31st March 2008

James Kent Ltd Old Foley Plate

Pattern number - 6021

Made in England

circa 1950's


A note from Sharon

This plate was given to me by a neighbour of ours, Shonee Ives
She was having "a big clean out" of her cupboards and cabinets
Shonee hadn't used the plate in years ... it is badly stained
We have spoken lots of times about antiques and collectables
and she knew I liked "old things"
and thought I might want to add it to my collection

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Plus - more photos were added on Sunday 6th April 2008 - after "the bleaching"!!



Diameter = 8.75 inches = 22.2cm

small and large version of this photo


The "6021" Pattern

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The Backstamp


Maker's Information and Backstamp Details

Part One

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James Kent Ltd
This firm of general domestic potters in Old Foley Longton was founded by James Aloysius Kent (born 1864 died 1953) with five workmen from the firm of Barker & Kent in 1897
Still operating
Note - the "Ltd" was added to the name from 1913

Part Two

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Pattern Information

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James Kent list of Patterns

#6021 ...... ???

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Potteries of the Staffordshire Area

Factories in the Staffordshire Potteries - 2nd March 1946


Staining under the Glaze

The following details are from an
Ebay Review and Guides
written by the author shown opposite
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Removing Stains from Porcelain, Stoneware and Pottery

It is often possible to remove stains from porcelain, stoneware, and pottery
Here are methods I've found to be effective and some cautions:
#1 - if the discoloration is surface utensil marks or some other kind of surface stain that hasn't penetrated the glaze, it can very often be permanently removed with Simichrome (available in hobby stores) or auto metal polish (available at auto supply stores)
This won't remove any associated gouge, but will often fade the color of the stain
Be sure to polish very well and wash with soap and water before using the piece of china
#2 - a denture cleaning tablet will sometimes remove coffee or tea discoloration from the inside of cups
Put 1/2 tablet in the cup and fill above the level of the stain with hot water
If stain is improved but not completely gone, repeat with other 1/2 tablet
#3 - older pottery and ironstone sometimes get ugly stains from oil seeping through the glaze at a glaze pop or crazing line
These aren't touched by soap and water or other normal cleaning efforts
AS A LAST RESORT soak item in bleach diluted with water (I use about half bleach) overnight
This works sometimes, but definitely not every time
Sometimes this treatment will cause the glaze to flake off after it dries, so it should be used with the understanding that it could make the problem worse
#4 - I've also heard that peroxide (very inexpensive at a beauty supply store) can be used as a soak like bleach
I haven't tried this yet but plan to try

--------------------As you can see from the photos, Sharon's plate is badly stained
--------------------On Friday 4th April 2008, I sent the following email to Wandering Creek Antiques

Hello, and I read with interest your Ebay Guide titled 'Removing Stains from Porcelain, Stoneware, and Pottery'
We have a James Kent Old Foley Dish that has staining under or through the glaze
I am wondering about Point 4 of the above guide in which you say ' I've also heard that peroxide (very inexpensive at a beauty supply store) can be used as a soak like bleach I haven't tried this yet but plan to try'
Have you had a chance to give this a go yet?
Any advice would be appreciated, such as the dilution ratio, how long to soak, and any other information you think would be useful
The dish we have is not expensive but it is very nice, and we would like to clean it up as much as possible
We live in Cairns Australia, and our email address is geoff@ronebergcairns.com
Thank You for your time, and look forward to hearing from you
Regards, Geoff

--------------------The reply from Wandering Creek Antiques

Hi, Geoff
No, I haven't tried peroxide yet
I hesitate to try until I have a piece that's ready to throw away if I can't clean it up
When I've used bleach, I've used it full strength if the piece was small enough
With bleach, I soaked overnight
Peroxide would probably take that long as well
Good luck!
Carol Hearn
Bothell Washington USA

--------------------A 'thank you' note ... and will give it a go!!!

Hi Carol, and appreciate your note
Well, our James Kent Plate is just about 'throw-away-material', so we will give the peroxide a try!!
I have also taken a few 'before' photos, and for your interest, we'll let you know how it all goes
Fingers crossed, and will write soon
Thanks, Geoff

--------------------A soak in bleach for six hours and ......

Hi again Carol, and a follow up note on the cleaning of our James Kent Plate
Sharon headed off to a nearby haidressing supply shop to get the peroxide, but found that they only sell it in a cream-type formula, and not the liquid
We didn't think that this would be satisfactory
As I have mentioned before, the Plate is very nice but also not very valuable, so we thought, well, lets give the bleach a go!!
Sharon picked up a two litre bottle of normal everyday type White King Household Bleach
We put the Plate in a container, and kept pouring in the bleach until it was covered
We covered it with a bucket and went to watch television
Six hours later, we checked it out
Except for two spots on the rim of the Plate, it now looks like brand new!
I do have the 'before-and-after' photos, and if you want, let me know your email address and I'll send you copies
If I hadn't found your Cleaning Guide on Ebay, we wouldn't have known about bleaching and peroxide, so it's THANKS TO YOU that our Plate looks FABULOUS!

!!! New 'clean' Photos !!!

Compare these to the ones above

small and large version of this photo

small and large version of this photo

small and large version of this photo


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