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Wednesday 22nd August 2007----------SHARON


Colonial Red Cedar Ladies Desk
Australian Red Cedar
circa 1870's


Edwardian Ladies Arm Chair
Tasmanian Blackwood
circa 1910's

(nine large photos and the page may take an extra few seconds to download completely)

......and now CLICK HERE for another seven photos

These include shots with the cupboard doors open, the webbing underneath the chair,
and more photos of both items from different angles


Desk Measurements

Width --- 125cm --- 49.25 inches
Depth - measured at desk top
--- 61cm --- 24 inches
Height of two pedestals
--- 60cm --- 23.5 inches
Height to desk top
--- 75.3cm --- 29.75 inches
Height to top of small balustrades
--- 106cm --- 41.75 inches


A Final Look at Sharon's Area

The old look......

......and the new

See the two photos below

The desk has a leather insert on the top and
Sharon had glass cut to give this protection

See the office chair!!!
Sharon bought the material
and made these slip on covers

The antique-look phone was too big for
the desk so a wall phone has been installed

The fan is standing on a pedestal - which was
an old bar stool purchased from a thrift shop
Sharon took off the foam-and-sponge-rubber
top and cleaned and polished it up


These items were purchased from......

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