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Monday 15th October 2007

Noritake - Epoch
"Fleur De Provence" Dinner Set


Coffee Mugs ... Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Sugar Bowl
... Cream / Milk Jug


Gravy / Sauce Boat

Made in Indonesia

A few details...

Way back on Monday 11th April 2005, Sharon bought a Tienshan 'Wild Flowers' Dinner Set
for our everyday use - and
CLICK HERE for the details

She picked it up from a secondhand shop, and paid the staggering sum of $5.00 for it!!

After two-and-a-half years, it is starting to wear out
The glaze is wearing off leaving brown patches, and there are lots of chips and cracks
It was time for a new set ...... and here it is!!


A delightful new epoch design featuring bright crimson florals contrasted
on a pastel French yellow background - all framed wonderfully by a wreath border in green

Classical baroque shaping on a beautiful ivory porcelain body,
Fleur De Provence is ideal for both casual and formal dining

It comes giftboxed and is chip-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe

Form and function combine to produce another quality Noritake product - at a great price!

The set contains:-
----------4 x Tea Cups
----------4 x Tea Saucers
----------4 x Entree Plates
----------4 x Dinner Plates
----------4 x Soup/Cereal Plates

Suggested retail price - $280.00


The Gift-Box the set was delivered in


The Backstamp

and there is more information
on the manufacturer and pattern name and backstamp detailed below


We purchased it from...

......and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site

Price paid ... $140.00 + $22.00 postage and insurance = $162.00


Question and Queries
The Manufacturer
- The Pattern Name - The Backstamp

We had a couple of questions on the above,
and below are emails 'to-and-from' Noritake Australia and TableKing Australia

These were sent on Monday 22nd October 2007, and the spokespersons are:-
Noritake Australia - Steven Yeend - National Sales Manager
TableKing Australia - Justin Herringe - TableKing Management


To - Noritake Australia and TableKing Australia

TableKing Order Number 3739096
Noritake Fleur De Provence 4 place dinner set
Delivered on Friday 19th October 2007

#1 - no breakages - in perfect condition
#2 - my Wife loves it!!!

Hi, and as you can see from the above, we do not have any complaints .... but we do have a few queries
Before going on, let me say that we are definately not experts!!!

On the Noritake Web Site, this set is described as being under the brand of Noritake and is part of the Fleur De Provence Collection
However, it does state "a delightful new epoch design"
(please see
THIS page)

On the TableKing Web Site, this set is described as Noritake and there is no mention at all of "epoch"
(please see
THIS page)

No mention anywhere is made about the "Epoch Collection"

We were "sorta very surprised" to notice that there is no mention of Noritake on the backstamps
It says "Epoch Collection"

Noritake is mentioned on the 'giftbox', but it seems "funny" to us that it is not included on the stamp

We have another Noritake dinner set (Pembroke #2892) and this has the Noritake backstamp

So our queries are:-
#1 - Is this a "true" Noritake set, because that is what we wanted
#2 - Who and What are the "Epoch Collection"
#3 - Why is there no mention of this on the above pages I have linked

Could you please reply to this note, as we would like to be sure that we have a "genuine Noritake dinner set"!!!

Thanks, Geoff

From - Justin Herringe of TableKing Management
Copy to - Steven Yeend of Noritake Australia

Dear Geoff

This is a genuine Noritake Brand dinner set
Epoch is a particular style design of Noritake casual dinnerware packaged in giftboxing

You certainly were not ripped off in anyway, nor misrepresented

The reason Fleur de Provence the same as Floral Bay and Baroque white is because it is definitely Noritake genuine product

Regards, Justin

To - Justin Herringe of TableKing Management

Hi Justin

I am not sure what you mean in the last sentance, but I appreciate your reply and reassurance

Thanks again, Geoff

From - Justin Herringe of TableKing Management

Typing error, as I was on the phone at the time!

I have asked Steven Yeend of Noritake to call you to reassure that what I have said is true and correct

Further confirmation of this can be found by going to
www.noritake.com which is the USA Noritake site and searching for Epoch designs

Similar in other brands, eg, Maxwell Williams Casa Domani is labeled Casa Domani but is made by Maxwell Williams etc

What I was saying in the last sentence was that the reason why Fleur de Provence, Floral Bay and Baroque White are found on the Noritake website under their Dinner Set casual patterns is because it is definitely a Noritake genuine product

Whereas the Asianware dinner ware is not found under their dinnerware main pages as it is Tokyo Table brand imported by Noritake - not a Noritake brand

Regards, Justin

To - Justin Herringe of TableKing Management

Thank you again for you time and explanation

Going now to have a "Fleur de Provence cup'o'tea!"

From - Steven Yeend of Noritake Australia

Hello Geoff

Just a quick note to confirm the veracity of the information that Justin from Tableking emailed to you in regards the Fleur De Provence dinner set
You can rest assured that it is 100% Noritake

The Epoch branding signifies our Casual Living dinnerware ranges - providing a point of difference from our formal traditional settings (much the same as Johnson Bros is with Wedgwood)

Noritake’s Epoch ‘badging’ is used in all our markets worldwide and the product produced by this factory continues to increase in popularity due to it’s great design work, high quality and affordable price structure

Should you require any further clarification on this matter please do not hesitate to contact me on (02) 9316 7123 and I will be only to happy to assist

Kind regards, Steven

To - Steven Yeend of Noritake Australia and Justin Herringe of TableKing Management

Hi, Steven, and the response from both yourself and Justin on this matter has been fantastic!!

Thanks for the time and the explanations - really appreciated

Regards, Geoff

From - Steven Yeend of Noritake Australia

No problem, mate

Enjoy using your lovely new dinner set

Cheers, Steven


A note from Geoff

In one of the above emails from Justin Herringe of TableKing Management,
he mentions the USA Noritake Web Site

Click on the logos below to go to Online Stores based in the United States

Both of these mention the "Epoch Collection"
... along with lots of other items in this range ... that Sharon will want!!!
Both sites also include full price details (note - these are in US dollars)


NOTE - these links active as at Tuesday 23rd October 2007


May 2008

Exclusive Tableking Releases

We bought one of each of these new items
The total order value was $185.00 + $22.00 =

Serving Bowl and Platter Sets - release scheduled for later this year

Set of four Coffee Mugs ... $55.00

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set ... $45.00

Sugar Bowl ... $45.00

Cream / Milk Jug ... $40.00


April 2010

Fleur de Provence Gravy Boat by Noritake
Just listed on the Tableking website
The perfect winter addition for your Fleur de Provence table setting

We bought one of these new items
The total order value was $69.99 - $8.40 + $20.00 =

We are also currently looking into obtaining the Fleur de Provence Serving Bowl and Platter
If you would be interested in the serving bowl and platter
please email us care of
admin@tableking.com.au to express your
interest so we can determine whether it is viable for us to bring it in
NOTE - yes, I expressed our interest !!

Gravy / Sauce Boat ... $69.99