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Late Victorian Kerosene Lamp

Made in England

Date - circa 1900

The Victorian Era of the United Kingdom
marked the height of the British industrial revolution and the of the British Empire

Although commonly used to refer to the period of Queen Victoria's rule between
1837 and 1901, scholars debate whether the Victorian period - as defined by a
variety of sensibilities and political concerns that have come to be associated
with the Victorians - actually begins with the passage of the Reform Act 1832

The era was preceded by the Regency Era and succeeded by the Edwardian Period


- The Ebay Auction

Late Victorian Kerosene Lamp
Date - circa1900
The lamp has a beautifully etched glass shade in perfect condition
It has an ornate cast iron base
Features double burners
This is a very nice example of lamps from this period
The lamp stands 50cm tall (19.75 inches)

A question I sent to the seller during the auction
Hi, and we love this lamp!!
We have a timber pedestal in our lounge room and it would look great on that!!
click here to have a look at the pedestal)
50cm tall is exactly the height we want
We have been looking for a long time for 'something' to sit on this pedestal,
but most of the items are reproductions - which we don't want
Just a couple of queries
This lamp is described "late-Victorian-c1900"
Now, we are not experts,
but is there any further information you can give us to confirm this?
Is there any history/provenence to the lamp that you know about?
I know that it is sometimes difficult to establish maker's names and dates,
and we will be happy to take your word for this,
but any further details would be appreciated
I noticed your comment about packing-with-care and,
should we be the winners, we would be willing to pay a bit more
for packing and insurance to make sure it arrived in Cairns safely!!
Thanks for your time, and 'Good Luck' with the auction - Geoff

......and the reply
Geoff, I'm glad you asked
Because, while I was looking at the lamp following your note,
I found a problem which I had neglected to notice!!
Three clips are broken, leaving twelve to hold the shade
It makes no diffference to the function and is only noticable
with the shade off, but it's best to find out beforehand!
The lamp is a classic Victorian era piece, within 1880 - 1900
I bought it a few years ago from a dealer,
so I can't tell you much of it's story
It has the signs of use, but no other damage - besides the clips!
The only marking it has is 'Made in England'
My sincere apologies for not noticing the damage earlier
I'll try to post this note on the auction site for other bidders to see and read
Regards, Gareth
Gareth Colliton
103 Coulstock Street Warrnambool Victoria 3280 Australia
Email - gcollito@bigpond.net.au

Another note to the seller
Hi again, and really appreciate all that information
We will be placing a bid as the clock ticks towards 18:30:55 tomorrow!!
Regards, Geoff


Item location - Warrnambool, Victoria Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 29th April 2007
The starting price was set at $51.00
and there were thirteen bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of
$112.50 plus postage and insurance


A note from the seller after the auction ended
Geoff, and congratulations on a well-bought lamp!
These things are easily worth double that
But that's how it goes at auction - win some, lose some!
I'm very glad it's going to a good home
As mentioned, I will pack it well
and you should definitely invest $2.50 in registered post
I will post it on Tuesday, or the day after payment clears
Regards, Gareth Colliton

......and my reply
Hi, and yep, we were really pleased with the win!!
The timber pedestal where it will now 'live' has been cleaned
and polished ready for when it arrives!!
I also thought it would go for a higher price
Sharon and I were sitting here watching the end of the auction,
and were ready to outbid anybody that tried to take it from us!!
Thanks for your note about the packing
Sharon is "a bit worried" about the glass shade!!!
- and she will now not really relax until it is delivered!!
I have just made the payment via PayPal,
and I guess you would have received notification from them by now
I took your advice and included the extra $2.50 for registered post
Thanks for your contact during the auction,
and I appreciated the answers to my few queries
Will send you a note when the lamp is sitting in our lounge room!!
Regards, Geoff


Other photos that were included with the Auction



Photos, Information, Replacement Parts and Repairs

CLICK HERE Emails sent to the Ebay seller and to the "The Everburning Light", a restorer of these types of lamps
I suggest you read these notes before looking at the photos below
CLICK HERE Photos sent with the email to "The Everburning Light"
CLICK HERE Stamps and Markings
CLICK HERE The cast iron Base
CLICK HERE The Shade - as per the Ebay Auction
CLICK HERE The Shade - clear optic glass

The lamp in our home
Fully restored
Standing on it's timber pedestal





Burner Assembly,
New Wicks, and
the Extinguisher


The Chimney


The Lamp
displayed on it's
Timber Stand