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Glass Lamp Shade with Pink Fluted Edge

Made - ???

A note from Sharon on Monday 5th March 2007

My friend Rhona gave me this lampshade

She had bought an old Queenslander home
and she found it when she was cleaning out the garage
It was with a pile of junk which was ready to take to the rubbish tip

Fortunately she knows how I like anything old, vintage and antique
- and she knew I would like it

So she saved it - and she was right - I do like it!!



140mm high x 158mm across the fluted end (5.5 inches x 6.25 inches)


A close up of the Pattern Details


Other Information #01

Below is a photo of a very similar shade
along with the pricing details



Sharon found this listed on Page 554
of the book shown opposite



Unfortunately, at this stage we have no way
of determining the age of the one that
Sharon was given


--Auctions for similar Lamp Shades

......for a price comparison!!!

Auction #01

Vintage cranberry and clear glass oil lamp or light shade - flared cranberry pinched rim with etched floral and foliage design to frosted clear glass - excellent condition with only minor wear - there are a few very small chips to the base which are not noticable when the shade is attached to a lamp - the shade is 17.5cm high, 20.5cm (rim) x 16cm (body) x 9.5cm (base) diameter, weighing almost 1kg - an elegant and equisite piece of lighting - December 2007
Final selling price - $35.78

Auction #02

Glass acid etched light shade - possibly Victorian - beautiful etched light shade with pink trimmed rim - we think it is Victorian as the style and colour point to that belief - the etching is very fine - the shade is 240mm high and the diameter at the rim is 290 mm and the hole for the light fitting is 4.5mm diameter - September 2008
There were no bids @ $50.00